Authentically Addressing Cultural Divisiveness; Thoughts evoked by Black Lives Matter

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Authentically Addressing Cultural Divisiveness; Thoughts evoked by Black Lives Matter

I recently spoke with a friend who said her kids were struggling with how the university would address Black Lives Matter in a way that is authentically Christian.  Their struggle evoked some thoughts that, hopefully, will be helpful to them, and to us all… going forward food for reflection and dialogue…

Black Lives Matter is like a .9g rocket… lots of power aimed at reaching a new level of humanness, but not enough to escape the gravitational pull of our culture, hence the inevitability of crashing back to earth – to the current culture.  At the essence of the issue is divisiveness… our embedded American culture of divisiveness.  Culture works.  Culture imposes a presence in our hearts and minds, mostly without our consciousness. Think of ideologies taught, embedded, passed down from generation to generation; we don’t know anything different. Culturally entrenched divisiveness is much like that.


If love is not present in the process – in our processing – then love will not be present in the outcome.  When divisiveness enters, love flees. Being that authenticity comes through the manifesting of our essence process while taking up our called work, we turn to the essence process of Christ – all-inclusive love entering – for seeing the way of becoming authentically Christian.  With this aim, as a person, as a community, we are working to become the living presence of all-inclusive love entering life. Authentic Christian community cultures ongoingly work to come from the essence of Christ… to transcend divisiveness by and through all-inclusive love in our processes – processes brought to life through our embracing the four Thou Shalls… opening our hearts to compassion of equality entering while we take up the called work of now:  Work for all my children in the world. A taste of the four Thou Shalls…

Love God  There is one Source; one Source of each, all and everything. We are not the source. We, each and all, come into life with a unique virtue, essence/potential embedded within… intended to be unfolded by and through manifesting our spirit as we take up our work in this world… in the here and unfolding now. And, as did Christ, we have choice… we can answer Yes or No to our calling and called work. 

Love thy neighbor as thyself  We have only to reflect on the process of the “Good Samaritan,” to see who is our neighbor… and reflect on the artificial divisiveness created when we view our faith, our allegiances, as making us hierarchical to others. A path of love thy neighbor is not a path of obedience to manmade laws/rules – to cultural ways standing between us and accessing the love emanating from the Source, love essential to loving our neighbor. A culture ordering and organizing itself by divisiveness creates artificial barriers (structures and structuring) between God and humankind; and between neighbors. 

Love one another as I have loved you– all-inclusively.  Christ’s way is all-inclusive love entering life.  Christ always went to essence before interacting with others.  His process was seeing life at essence and then processing from the essence seen.  A process recognizing all are equal at essence. We are all children of the one and same Source, brothers and sisters. Christ walked forth the beatitudic way. We, also, are intended to follow – walk forth – the beatitudic process in community with others. Walk forth community poor in spirit (in ego); Walk for community mourning; Walk forth with meekness; etc. (Mt 5:3-12) 

Love thy enemy.  Christ loved the living earth, he loved the people who crucified him, he loved all, whether they were with him or against him. Ever since we left the Garden, left the tree of life and the wisdom to live in harmony with intended ways of life, we have made living earth our enemy… that which we fight with and/or extract from… now threating the life of living earth itself, taking along humankind, earth’s intended member. Christ’s way is all-inclusive love entering life; his final hour calling for yessing the Father’s command/intent/will: everlasting life… on this earth as it is in heaven. Today the youth are crying out, “Who will speak for living earth?” Surely an echo of the from above intent: Everlasting/eternal life on this earth as in heaven. Our vesselness for love entering life makes possible communities becoming instruments for eternalizing life.


You will have recognized that I am expressing a view of Christ’s process that is not a common view. This is not about the hereafter, as is theology; this is about the here and unfolding now. Philosophy is what is called for.  Now needed is developing and embracing a new philosophy, one with love in the process. Christ being an exemplar of such, calls for our reflecting on his process as an authentic living human spiritual being… giving us an example to follow, the pattern of the process so that we too can become authentically human. A philosophy that enables us to order and organize our hearts and minds. The living philosophy of potential is one such philosophy.


Intentional work is essential to the way of Christ. Christ organized his whole public life around work… work he was called to, was sent to do… work calling for ongoingly developing and perfecting ever more encompassing ablenesses. Each essential to developing the next. The flow of the John gospel reveals his developing ableness, including ego transcending, essential to eventually having the ableness to transcend all ego, for his returning to the Father of life.  Transcending the divisiveness blocking love from entering heart and mind.

Yes, intentional work is essential. He said much about work, much that we are intended to call upon ourselves to sometime be able to say…

My food is to do the will of the One who sent me and to accomplish His work. (JN4)

When others (e.g., as did Peter) take us aside and plead with us not to pursue that to which we are called… “Get behind me Satan! You are thinking not as God, but as man.”

And the night before our death, in our prayer to the Father, “Father… I perfected the work that you gave to me that I should do.”

And to manmade judgment: “For this I was born, for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth” – become the living presence, the manifesting on this earth, of that for which I was called/sent. 

We don’t become increasingly authentically human by developing relationships – with teammates, neighbors, or God – but, by and through our relatedness… coming together in taking up, carrying out, intended work in ways that realize the potential in each and all, including the living wholes beyond those we call our own… e.g., school, community, country, the world. Ways that work for all children in the world. Through this relatedness created through taking up the work of intentional purposes, lifetime relationships are built.  Marches and protests do not change relatedness; no work present.  We transcend the gravitational grip of divisiveness by working together with intentional purpose – harmonizing with intended ways of working of life and of love – with all-inclusive love in our processes, ethically working in right and good ways, ways that are right for all children and good for the whole; transcending divisiveness by embracing the four Thou Shalls.


The temptation is to approach today’s planetary issues as problems to solve.  I have never seen a “without intentional work present” problem solving effort last for long (except for its backlash) before returning to the normal structures and structuring of the work and way of working of our current culture. Creating culture always begins with inner work… is always about taking on intentional roles and taking up intentional work in community – two or more gathering with all-inclusive love in the process… creating the sacred space within which reflective processing, intentional dialoguing can take place… accessing from above seeing of intended ways of working of life relative to particular shared work.  Shared work, intentional work, inner work calls for role to role, person to person, heart to heart, essence to essence interactions… progression in our human beingness through work… essential interactions for true, real humanness advancing and life nourishing.


Essential to the initiating of this process, at a minimum, is ongoing partnering – two or more gathering in the name of all-inclusive love entering.  For there will Christ be… there will be access to the Spirit of truth – from above truth.  The truth of intended ways of life and of love.  We will be given all that we need to walk forth.  The Father knows what we need to see and understand in the here and unfolding now. Learn to live in the question; let go of the desire to know or see the outcome.  Have faith in come from above intent.  

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