Two or More Gathering

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Two or More Gathering

Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them. (MT 18:20)

He is the Christ… the one who was sent to reopen the heart of humankind to all-inclusive love entering… to make visible the process/pattern of authentic humanness – vesselness for love entering life.

Since before the beginning, love has emanated from the Source of all.  When we left the Garden, a crust of ego – self-centeredness – began to form… a crust of making self the source… a crust that blocked – was not open to – love entering our processes.

Two or more gathering in the name of all-inclusive love entering, becomes community open to, receptive to truth, from the Spirit of truth, entering.  Spirit we are intended to manifest while embracing/yessing the Father’s everlasting life of living earth work – Thy will be done on earth.

And, the work given us – humankind – at this time is to create communities – two or three gathering in the name of Christ, all-inclusive love entering – that take up all our pursuits in ways that “work for all my children in the world.”

If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.

Through love in our process, the oneness created makes possible the wisdom of wholeness entering our hearts… wisdom intended to lead our thinking. All of which calls for our continually remembering how we – humankind – work:

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from, and ultimately, what we create, what we bring into existence… the outcome.

All for now, Sandra

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