Transcending Divisiveness

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Transcending Divisiveness

Transcending divisiveness… a process of moving towards wholeness; away from the destructive evilness present within the divisiveness of our time.  A moving towards process that begins with, is anchored in, the truth of our oneness; the shared truth of one Source of each and all – the whole of all. A moving towards wholeness which itself is created and sustained by love, love entering the process… by, at this time, the all-inclusive love of the Source entering through us into the working of earthly life.  Through all-inclusive love entering and being manifested – lived out – as the compassion of equality. A manifestation of the truth of one Source, all else equal… a hierarchy of one.

What is written here, the thoughts and understanding that follow, are not theological, nor ideological, but rather emerge from and are organized within heart and mind by philosophy… a particular philosophy.  A come from above, work organized, essence based philosophy.  A living philosophy of potential that looks to intuition – the intuition of wholeness (as opposed to reasoned interpretation) – and to reflective processing, to access wisdom – the wisdom of intent, the truths essential to the here and unfolding now.  A seeing and understanding that is deepened, developed and made practice-able through reflective processing, in particular, through two or more intentional dialoguing.  A reflective process of seeking essential understanding with regard to particular work; and ways open to love entering through us.

Whereas, this is philosophy, not theology; it is useful to understand that behind theology is an active organizing presence of philosophy.  We, for example, can readily see, even today, the influence of Greek and Roman philosophy and their cultural manifestations in the forming of what became Christian religion, Christian theology(ies).  And similarly, we can see the active presence of philosophy in science, the other domain of reason.  A useful and necessary understanding, in that love – that which creates and sustains the wholeness necessary to transcend divisiveness -, is also present, often a central organizing notion, within many, if not all religions… religions sourced in existence based theologies. Theologies and religions that often share a hereafter, eternal reward aim… an aim achieved by particular earthly behaviors. 

The living philosophy of potential neither seeks to, nor in reality diminishes, essential truths present within theologies; but rather through its here and unfolding now focus, seeks to enable the creating of cultures that work for all children in the world.  Cultures that seek to enable the realization of the potential inherently present within each and all… seeking to enable the manifesting and living out of the essence, the gift of each and all.  Cultures that enable our living and working in intentional – right and good – ethical ways… ways in harmony with the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  Ways that enable our taking up, saying yes to, our work, our joining in the ongoing, enfolding, unfolding, eternalizing of life on and through this earth.  And finally, there lies within the living philosophy of potential a premise. That being: If our here and unfolding now ways of living and working both reflect, and are in harmony with, the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth… and thus a manifestation of our essential reason for being created, a manifestation of our intended vesselness for love entering, and of our significance with regard to the ongoingness of life; then that which follows our passing will be as intended.

Holding this perspective in mind, we then move from essential oneness to love.  The love that creates and sustains the necessary and intentional wholeness… that which transcending the destructive divisiveness of our time calls for and requires.  Whereas there are many examples of people and thought bases that manifest love, we have come to see and understand Christ as the exemplar with regard to the nature of work required of us, to be and become vessels for love, the all-inclusive love of the Source, entering into the working of the world.  Thus, our pursuit, our seeking to see and understand the patterns, process and essence of Christ and his teachings. The essential truths critical to the here and unfolding now.

Terry P. Anderson

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