Reflections on Transcending Divisiveness

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Reflections on Transcending Divisiveness

The essential “why” of divisiveness is “making self the source” with the self being person, community, people of earth.  The time of obedience is a time of establishing the truth of one Source.  The time of salvation a time of establishing man is not the source of love. The time of becoming, a time of establishing groups are not the source of truth – of intended ways of life and love.  The time of intentionality: the people of earth are not the source of life, of living earth. Always remembering “self as source” includes power over, self-centeredness, what we bring into existence, etc.

Reading this imagery of the process of transcending divisiveness, we begin seeing the personal/community processing that is to be held in heart and mind as we transcend divisiveness, and move towards becoming intentional – instruments for life, vessels for love.  

It is common to see what something is not, before we understand what it is.  Reflecting on the “nots” that are lifted up in this imagery, we see the inner processing required for transcending ego (remembering of course that right and good ethics are free of ego, look to consciousness, conscientiousness as to seeing right and good, and to living out right and good).  And so, the inner conversation, self/community observation, self/community remembering regarding perspective, start point of our thinking, reflects on Source…

+  Are we coming from ourselves as the source, or truly, within our heart of hearts, within our mind and soul, honoring the truth of there is a Source, we are not the source?

Reminding us of the old “Come clean” process we learned from our friend, Ted Keegan.  This is the cleansing process, that precedes and opens us up to the Spirit entering, Spirit of truth, such that we can truly love God with whole heart, mind and soul.  In other words, 

+  Until we come to grips with the truths of source, we cannot develop, become intentional, true children of the one and the same Source of each and all. 

A cleansing process not unlike that of Christ when he drove the demons out… now requiring free will conscious conscientious choice.  A cleansing, versus a repent process.  The metanoia of now being… 

+  There is a Source of each, all, and everything… the whole of life, the whole of humanity; one Source, all else equal. 

Neither we, nor that which we – coming from existence – create, are the source… no one is greater than another.  A metanoia that moves us towards wholeness, is essential for our becoming authentic, being and becoming intentional.                    

Terry P. Anderson

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