Putting Christ back into Christianity

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Putting Christ back into Christianity

Now is the time for putting Christ back into Christianity.  The essence of Christ, his teachings, his process is love… all-inclusive love entering into the process.  The love of Christ entering through us into the working of the world.  When love is absent, so too is Christ.

Divisiveness – being absent of love – is not a path of, from or towards Christ… but rather a path away from the Source.  A path sourced in evil… a path that is, and of itself, a source of evil.

Now is a time for developing and exercising free will… free will, conscientious, conscious choice… a time for being intentionally expressed, rather than externally defined.

A time for living from compassion – the compassion of equality

A time for working in right and good – intentionally ethical – ways

A time for putting our faith in intent… for our having faith in the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.

A time for being authentic, for becoming an intentional people of earth.

Terry P. Anderson

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