A Seeing of Truth

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A Seeing of Truth

I became aware of being in a vision… a holographic or three-dimensional vision. It was like being in a bubble and all were in the bubble… we all were there together.

I was standing next to this personage who had the being of Christ. All of my discernment said that Christ was who was there. We were standing there with two scenes in front of us – one to the left and one to the right. He was standing with one foot in each of these images.

It was a totally silent image. This personage and I were standing side-by-side. Words did not feel necessary. The envisioning and the experiencing of the presence began to work innerly… as expressed thoughts. His hands were out, and what was before us was obvious. I had an overwhelming sense of togetherness. Then the words became present, but not with sound. I am saying this in a sequential manner; yet it did not happen sequentially, but all at once. I am describing what was heard, seen and experienced, without interpretation.

The left-hand scene was clear imagery. It was people standing with rocks in their hands, and a woman cowering in the corner against the wall. The right-hand scene was a very fuzzy mirror image of the scene on the left. We could see the shapes and forms, but the faces were fuzzy… in a sense, I could not tell if they were being created or erased. I almost felt that if I could turn on the light, then maybe I would be able to see it more clearly. That is when the image of “becoming” showed itself in the scene on the right. The personage of Christ put his right hand over and I then had the sense this side is “becoming,” while the left-hand side is all “salvation.”

Then the “becoming side” words were spoken, “If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.” The mirror image of those words on the “salvation” side were “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” The words of love – the words of becoming – were in the same voice – Christ’s voice – and were the mirror of the words of salvation.

Stone silence… I could “see” the words. They were being written. The words in each side were on a plank… it was the conscience plank. The words were so clear… there was no confusion in the words.

While those faces and shapes of humans on the right side were fuzzy, I could see they were single persons and groups – any person or group we find ourselves personifying as the enemy in order to achieve our goals. These fuzzy people standing around all had rocks in their hands. They personified any group that you have to motivate to pick up the rock to stone the perceived enemy. There were environmentalists, politicians, rights and peace activists, government, business and religious leaders, and on and on and on. At any time, anyone could be throwing and anyone could be thrown at. That is what made “If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome” the mirror of “Whoever is without sin, throw the first rock.”

As his arm opened and reached out to the left, Christ said, “This is what was unfolding then,” and to the right, “and this is what is unfolding now.”

All of this began to be drawn into me, outerly disappearing… then innerly, these words came: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of dignity.” Then came “experience the fullness and wholeness of life… that is what America is for – a place for that.” Then, “liberty – the freedom to choose the process by which I develop my soul, realize my potential, and surrender to my instrumentality.” Then the words were, “pursuit of dignity – become fully and truly human in the dignified image that was intended.” As the bubble – all of both images and Christ – started being absorbed into me, these thoughts were unfolding and the inner experience was that of joyous nervousness. I was experiencing the doubtless realness of what was occurring as I stood there outside the morning shower.

There was no pre-thought before the vision came. It was just there… and it coalesced all.

Terry P. Anderson

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