Divisiveness; the Ongoing Work of Transcending Divisiveness

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Divisiveness; the Ongoing Work of Transcending Divisiveness

Reflective processing, intentional dialoguing and prayerful questioning have led to seeing the critical ongoing inner work of transcending divisiveness.  Divisiveness being truly an evil that keeps us from returning to the intent of the Source of all… ever since the beginning.  Divisiveness producing and sustaining our separation from the Source… and from the love, life and truth emanating from the Source. Quite cunning that divisiveness was never (as recollected) one of the vices lifted up in the Western religious history… surely not “on the radar” because leaving the Garden was choosing the reasoning mind of existence, versus wisdom, to lead our thinking, and extracting from, dominion over life, versus harmonizing with the intended ways of life, as our way of working. Declaring divisiveness an evil would end the game.  Reflecting on divisiveness led to seeing the time of humanity after the Garden: obedience; salvation; becoming; intentionality…  

OBEDIENCE (the time of commands and prophesies)

After the Garden, was a time of commands, with the purpose of putting in place sufficient obedience to keep humanity from destroying ourselves while being given, through the prophets, the image of salvation, that our return to good graces with the Source would become possible. The prophesies also being a way of preparing the messiah who was to come, to make real the salvation process. This was the time of our being disconnected from the Source with the exception of the necessary direct from-above interventions.  After which, the journey of return to the Garden called for our transcending divisiveness.

SALVATION (this is what was unfolding then)

The divisiveness that blocks LOVE entering… the divisiveness then, was that we left the Garden, we left the intent of the Source… and at the time of Christ, most significantly, divisiveness sustained by the structure and structuring of hierarchies burdening the people with more and more laws… manmade laws that stood between God and the people, laws that separated people from God based on their existential conditions, calling for community shunning, even killing, if disobeyed.  Hence the essential conscience plank of then, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Brilliant, in that once again, the hierarchies were trying to get an answer that would justify Christ being condemned… and his answer confronting the truth of the artificial world of their making. The reconnection to the Source called for love once again flowing from the Father into humankind, and returning to the Father… love that makes possible answering Yes to Thy Will in the face of manmade consequences… love that leads to the ultimate of humanness. Christ was pure process… no structures or structuring… and he developed his disciples so that they could go to all nations, all peoples and give them the good news of the gospel: you are loved by the Source of all; manmade structures and structuring cannot block you from the love of the Source, the Father of all.  And, if you change your heart and mind, want to be made whole, and have faith, you will be forgiven for previous transgressions. 

BECOMING (this is what is unfolding now)

Unfolding now is divisiveness between people and communities of people.  Image single persons and groups – any person or group we find ourselves personifying as the enemy in order to achieve our goals.  The people all having rocks in their hands.  They personify any group we have to motivate to pick up the rock to stone the perceived enemy.  Hence the conscience plank of now: “If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.” Divisiveness blocks “Love one another.” The reasoning mind being misused to create cultures that serve self and existence, cultures that call for aligning oneself with the ideologies of individuals, groups, organizations, religions, etc. This tribalistic way, present since our leaving the Garden, has now created the structures and structuring that, through providing previously determined tribe-centered answers to all questions of significance, and by silencing intuition of wholeness, are producing a complete absence of free will conscious conscientious choice, and from-above wisdom – TRUTH – leading our thinking.  The wisdom essential to our ableness, in community with others, to take a role in the Father’s intended ways of life and love is now absent from our thinking. And the divisiveness and fanning the fires of divisiveness – arguing, hating, fighting, killing, etc. – consuming our lives and our ways of thinking, living and working. 

Now called for is the community ableness to come from above, with all-inclusive love in our process, to see intended ways of working of life, to hear intended ways of working of love… and the will to answer Yes to the from-above seeing and hearing… the ableness to become authentic living human spiritual beings. 

Now is the time of the Spirit… the time of potential… the time of embedded essence being seen and manifested. All beginning with the love in the process conscience maintainer while working for all children in the world. Leading the creation of processes beginning with from-above essence by entering into ongoing dialoguing with the intent of accessing from-above seeing of essence, potential embedded within… and taking up work essential to realizing that potential.

Salvation actualized the Thou Shalls – Thou shall love God; love your neighbor; love one another, love your enemy.  Becoming realizes the potential in the Thou Shalls… the potential to transcend tribal egos (ideological attachments) such that we, in oneness, can access the will to answer Yes to the Father’s intended ways of working of life and love.  

The time of becoming being the second phase of the time of Christ – the time of the Spirit – the come from above time… the time of transcending the tribal ego.  Community is the smallest whole… compassionately working community. The ego work of this time of becoming being that of shedding the powers of tribalism over our hearts and minds.  The ego work of salvation being that of shedding artificial manmade barriers to accessing the love of the Source. The time of intentionality calls for shedding our – humankind’s – false dominion over life…

INTENTIONALITY (shedding our false dominion over life)

Following our having developed the ableness to come together as a compassionate community, leading our thinking with from-above wisdom; the ego work becomes that of shedding our false dominion over LIFE, and embracing intentionality… intended ways of working of life. The divisive evil being our creating structures and structuring that uphold our separateness from life… that which sustains our disconnection from life, the imagined and false separation of humankind and life.  

Leaving the Garden, we left Love, we left the wisdom of Truth, and we left Life.  We rejected the wisdom that had guided our intended ways of living and working so that we would live and work in harmony, joining the Father’s everlasting life on this earth work.  Here is the last and the most tragic stronghold of divisiveness… the greatest of the greatest of evils… the evil of destroying the intended ongoing creation – life unfolding – of the living earth… essential to the Father’s everlasting life on earth intent for the Universe.

The clarity of this is essential in this time of becoming, so that we – humankind – who seek to free ourselves from the clutches of divisiveness, never forget where we are heading… the work for which we were and are being created.  The time of intentionality which is to come must be understood as we work to become authentic living human spiritual beings. We must always remember, a shift in, the advancing of our humanness, is of value to the Source of creation when it leads to our yessing Thy Will – everlasting life – being done on this earth… leads to our embracing our “pollinating” work, reciprocally nourishing the life processes of earth.

Divisiveness, powering over life… the evilness that stands in the way, willfully interferes with the intended ways of working of life on this earth… standing in the way of our awakening to the truth of our being created intended members of living earth, having work and role in the intended ongoing upwardly enfolding unfolding of life.  What is that which stands between us and life? …the manmade structures/structuring that work to gain power over life, over the whole world? …the power gaining which ultimately destroys life and humankind along with? Intuitively, roboticism, the total separation of ourselves from the living world of intent, an artificial life totally from the world of our making, seems key to the evil of divisiveness taking power over living earth… ultimately separating earth from the Source of the all.

Not listening to the children crying out, “Stop the war of for and against!” and “Who will speak for living earth?!” Silencing the children from the wisdom they speak, is already taking place… and the roboticism well on its way… relinquishing our intended community role in developing the children, in ways sourced in all-inclusive love, with wisdom leading thinking… losing sight of the truth of embedded essence – the essence within each child and within all children, the essence of core community processes such as educating, the essence of authentic humanness, the essence virtue of the particular land we call home, etc.

Christ told us, we would do greater than his miracles.  Speaking to the miracles that take place when we come together in community – two or more gathering – in the name of all-inclusive love entering, with the aim of working for all children in the world, and opening ourselves to come from above wisdom, ongoingly answering Yes to the wisdom we are given leading our thinking. Christ told us this (we would do greater than his miracles) while teaching during the time of salvation… preparing us for what must come in the time of becoming.  In the same way, during the time of becoming, we are being called to always make visible the intentional work to come. Embracing the essence of the land, as the living philosophy of our community, being a critical beginning… beginning our process of becoming a virtue sourced essence based people living in harmony with the life processes of earth.

Sandra Maslow Smith