Walking the Way

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Walking the Way

A Letter from the Dock

Where I am going, you know the way… no one comes to the Father except through me. (JN14:1-12)

We, here, are being invited to see, to reflect on “the way”… his process… the process path of living one’s life authentically, walking the path of love-in-the-process and intentionality. This being the path to the Father. A way that calls for our choosing… a way not commanded by the Father as a rule to follow, but a way each must choose… consciously conscientiously choose. For it is a path that begins innerly and manifests outerly… innerly building soul, outerly manifesting spirit.  Innerly building soul by and through progressing in the refinement of our vesselness for love entering life:  Love God; Love our neighbor; Love one another as Christ loved us; Love our enemy. Each progression calling for a refinement in our capacity for organizing our energies… the ableness to organize our energies for loving God… for loving our neighbor… for loving as Christ loved… ultimately for loving our enemy.  Through a bit of reflection, we can see that it is easy/automatic to be organized by instinctive or reactive energies… energies that, if not managed with consciousness or conscientiousness, we instinctively engage in fight or flight… survival, or automatically divide and separate.  We intuitively know this about ourselves, reflected in our using phrases like, “I need to get myself together.” Christ gives us a “walk forward” path… a path of increasing levels of refinement, a path to choose, a path which he has shown us reaches the level of “Love our enemy” at its culmination… a path of transcending ego which demands our continuing to follow even after physical death.  Recall, Jesus saying to Mary, Do not cling to me; I have yet to return to the Father.

He provided the path of refining and walking forward with love in the process, all the time remembering the intentionality of the Father:  everlasting life… on earth as in heaven.  A path, a way, a process we also are intended to follow… and with the promise we may do even greater things than did he… for when the people of earth become an intentional people fueled by love, everlasting life of earth and her people becomes possible.  All things are possible with God… all things possible when we embrace the truth of love and life… the truth of the intended love-in-the-process way of life.

Sandra Maslow Smith