Creating a Culture of Wholeness and Oneness

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Creating a Culture of Wholeness and Oneness

We can see the current culture leading thinking with economics, legality and rights; the language of divisiveness, ideological attachments, fighting… a culture totally absent from-above free will conscious conscientious choice. Without coming from above, we have no choice…. we are stuck in the concepts of our ideological attachments. 

From-above free will conscious conscientious choice takes us to creating cultures that lead thinking with potential (embedded intentionality), ethicality and dignity… calling for the process role of intentional grandmothering – all-inclusive love in the process, compassion of equality, working for all children in the world – and the particular language of wholeness and oneness – intuitive imaging language – the language of moving towards wholeness, away from that which divides, always with love in the process… the language of bringing the world of our making into harmonious congruence with the world of intent.

The essence of divisiveness is the lack of ableness for free will conscious conscientious choice. Defined ideologically, our being, our beingness, is pre-defined.  Leading to asking ourselves, are we living in the culture or are we of the culture?

In the absence of free will conscious conscientious choice, 

We are unable to join in the Father’s intended everlasting-life-on-earth work, which calls for our becoming vessel – through living virtue – for love entering life… 

We are not exercising the uniqueness of our humanness:  free will conscious choice and vesselness for love entering the working of the world. 

The two of which – joining the Father’s work and becoming authentically human – call for two or more, with love in the process and faith in intent, gathering in intentional dialogue for the purpose of accessing from-above seeing of particular intent and intended ways of working of life’s systems, processes and wholes relevant to the work before us… making possible our ongoingly consciously choosing to be and become intentional instruments for creating the tools and products that are in harmony with nourishing the life processes of living earth… with Thy Will being done on this earth at this time of now.  

Terry P. Anderson & Sandra Maslow Smith

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