Now is a Time of Great Hazard…

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Now is a Time of Great Hazard… 

A time for science to say “Yes” to its being and becoming a source of virtue sourced, potential realizing, right and good working, value adding processes

To:  Sandra Maslow Smith, Foley, Alabama

Good Morning Sandra… 

“Good morning,” in that daylight is creeping into the valley… and my scratchings are moving into the typing process… not sure when completion arrives, but it began this morning.  Last night I began to confirm and see that with which I have been struggling – in some ways seemingly prevented from going forth – with regard to ethical science in the terms of what is needed now… no doubt what needs to be lifted up… all else being a “.9g rocket” – lacking the wholeness and systemicness to escape the gravitational pull of an existence-based, ego-organized, reason-led culture.  All of which coalesced in the organizing title:

Now is a time of great hazard… A time for science to say “Yes” to its being and becoming a source of virtue sourced, potential realizing, right and good working, value adding processes.

A bit lengthy perhaps, but wholeness is the critical theme of now. And too, present within this writing, is that which is often invisible within our – humankind’s – processing, but always present, at work within it. That being how we work:

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from, and ultimately what we create… bring into existence.

What is needed now is the nature of “Yes” that emerges from, only from, free will conscious conscientious choice. The nature of choosing, of reflective processing, that enables us to transcend the gravity, the pull of ego and its desires… transcend that, and thus enables us to transform the energies of existence, the energies of angst and argument,  into love in the process – manifested as the compassion of equality… a transforming of energies into the compassion of equality through the taking up of spirit manifesting work.

That being said, I am drawn – hopefully in useful ways – to reflect on, bring out, the process through which this seeing has emerged.  It began through reflectively processing, within myself and others, the realness of the hazard now before us.  Real in that our current path is both intuitively and experientially a path of diminishing humanness, diminishing vitality of the life processes of earth… a time of great hazard to ourselves – to our living human spiritual
beingness – and to life itself.  Whereas we have the potential to become conscious, ever more conscious, and have inherently within, the capacity for being conscientious – for conscientiously choosing; we are moving towards roboticism, away from the essence of our humanness, away from exercising free will conscious, conscientious choice – an ableness that seems to be uniquely, intentionally human.

Reflecting on the realness of today’s hazard, brought to mind a questioning of how we got here… the thinking, the process, behind our not-so-favorable reality… the source of worry and concern to so many… in particular the children – those whose work is to make life real.  Questioning that reminded me of a common experience in the culture I grew up in, when one was the source of an unfavorable result. The question of “What were you thinking?” being the start point for the conversation.  And from that seeing the shift in questioning called for now.   Shifting to How were we thinking? – segmentally? …systemically? …wholistically?  Where were we coming from? – from existence? …from essence patterns of intent?   Why – what was the why behind our thinking? – power over, control, desire… because we can?  And finally: what was leading our thinking? …what should be leading our thinking?  Which then brought forth the understanding from previous processing regarding source… the presence, the organizing process behind the whole of all… that which is awakening within us, at this time, the need to join in – not seek to manipulate – but rather join in the unfolding creation… be authentic, become an intentional people of earth.

There is a Source, an intentionality behind the whole of all.  An intentionality out from which earth emerges… emerges as a place for life to enter into the working of the all. We are not the source.  Yet within and through life we, each and all, emerge onto the living earth. And we, like all of life’s creatures, have work and role with regard to the ongoingness, eternalizing of life on and through the earth.  An intentionality reflected in the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  An intentionality reflected in our work and role… our life nourishing work – our instrumentality – and our love-entering-the-process role – our vesselness.  Love being the name we give to that which creates and sustains wholeness… wholeness within ourselves, our ways of working, our processes; wholeness within life, its systemic ways of working, within its processes.

All of which led to the questioning of, “What then, are we the source of?”  What do we create, bring into existence?  Which took my mind down a path of what we produce… the stuff, the products we create… 

+ The structures we create, and… 

+ The structuring those structures create within ourselves – the systemic working within our bodies… 

+ The structuring they create within the life processes, the systemic working of life on this earth.

Going upstream from the products – the structures and structuring – I ‘swam’ through constructing, technology, engineering, and finally arrived at science… seeing science as the source, the mind organizing – that which enables and leads the creation of that which we bring into existence.  Which brought me back to the beginning of this writing – how we work, the current perspective of science, the thought organizing process of our current culture… and finally to .9g rockets.  Seeing the current perspective of science, and the thought organizing process of our culture, as .9g rockets.  Both of which seemingly have emerged from experience – from fact based reality… the processing of the reasoning mind of existence… a mind free from wisdom, from intentionality.  Which brought forth an experience of my youth, that which was at work when I first became interested in science.  An interest I expressed to my father at age 10, “I am going to be a scientist, and work for DuPont.”  Present at the time, commonly expressed, was “What goes up, must come down,” an experience-based factual reality… one that we took as a “truth.” A “truth” that eventually disappeared through the questioning and pursuit of achieving “escape velocity” – the organized energy, force, required to escape the gravity, the gravitational pull, of earth.  Which of course led to landing on the moon… sending space craft into outer space.  And which led to the notion of a .9g rocket, a term I first heard from Fred Parker, my first mentor when I started to work at DuPont.  He, as he looked over my problem solving work, would often say to me, “You sure your solution is not a .9g rocket?” …implying that it may be exciting, cool and seemingly very useful… no doubt about that; but perhaps not sufficient for true resolution of the issue.

All of which led to clarity with regard to the necessity to shift perspective, and to create culture…. shift to an intentional perspective for science, and shift to intentional culture – one that
works for all my children in the world.   Perspective being that which creates the path and process of our ways of living and working; and culture, a living culture, being the system we create to sustain the potential realizing capacity and integrity of our processes and pursuits. Culture being that which enables or disenables our becoming an authentic person/people… our being and becoming an intentional people of earth… living and working in harmony, in accord with, the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth… at this time.

Beginning then with the culture… culture being the water we swim in… not requiring consciousness of on our part; but influential nonetheless. In fact, reflecting upon our current culture, we see it moving us away from consciousness, from conscientiousness… and towards externally directing, seeking to impose particular patterns of thought and behavior – ideological patterns of thought, and reactive, consumptive patterns of behavior.  All of which emerges from an existence-based, reason-led, ego-organizing perspective, and the starting of our thinking with economics, legality and rights. Start points that have within them particular values – values sourced in existence… but in and of themselves lack virtue… the come from above intentionality present with virtue, within being virtue sourced.  Thus, the .9g character of current culture.

Returning to science, the current organizing perspective of science, we begin to see the source of its .9g character.  See and understand the self-imposed limitations of the scientific perspective; and the effect, the ultimate consequences that emerge… the diminishing of humanness, the diminishing of the vitality of the life processes of earth. See the necessity to shift from the self-limiting character of a perspective that restricts itself to the material, the physical, and the energies of existence… and the experiencing – the experiential knowing and knowledge – that itself is restricted to the five senses… seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting – theprove-able, factual realities of experience.  Factual realities no doubt, but that which does not include the wholeness of our living human spiritual beingness, that which is intuitively and experientially every bit as real as that which our senses validate.

Okay, pausing a bit, I am reminded of “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Obviously an old saying, that may not be readily obvious to some, but one that seems to apply here.  Clearly we do not want to throw the baby – the essence, the potential present within science – out with the bath water, that which emerges from the lack of wholeness in the current perspective.  Another way of saying it is “Do not see science as a problem to be solved, but rather as a potential to be realized.”  There lies within science, its scientific method, the discipline to maintain the integrity of the research process and to honor and create structures that are in harmony with the intended ways of working of life on this earth.  What is required at this time is a shift – an authentic “Yes” – and a taking on of an intentional perspective… a perspective that emerges from the seeing, understanding, embracing of there being an intent, an intentionality behind the whole of all.  An intent that manifests itself through intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  A seeing and understanding that emerges from the essence of philosophy, i.e. the seeking and accessing of wisdom.  At this time, the wisdom, not of existence-based thinking and pursuits, but rather wisdom of essence, come from above wisdom of intent – the intuitively accessible, through reflective processing, wisdom of intent.  Which brings to mind the questioning present during the time of Einstein… more specifically “Can science survive without philosophy?”  Which today, given our understanding of the heart and mind organizing power of philosophy, brings forth the question, “Can we, can life, survive in the absence of an intentionally led, wisdom led, science?”  Philosophy not only being that to which we look to develop discipline, the discipline necessary to achieve our aims… the discipline required to establish guiding principles, and right and good, intentionally ethical ways and outputs… the discipline and creative processes that are present within come from above, work organized, virtue sourced, right and good working, value adding processes. The very processes through which we manifest our intentionality – our “pollinating work” – with regard to the ongoing eternalizing of life on and through the earth.

Quite a morning… perhaps a good place to stop… the sun not only has arisen, but now is at high noon.  

All for now, Terry  

Terry P. Anderson, January 29, 2020, Grand Junction, CO