Developing Consciousness… Awakening Conscientiousness

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 Developing Consciousness… Awakening Conscientiousness

Now is the time of free will consciously, conscientiously choosing…

    If when we look at a person we see other… other rather than brother, rather than sister; we are not paying attention… not awake to the truths of oneness…

                                   + One Source

                                   + One earth

                                   + One people

    Nor awake to the truth, the essence of Christ – of Christ’s love in the process teachings.

We know from experience that consciousness is about wholeness… about our appreciating the beauty and wisdom present within its ways.  A process requiring our seeing the whole and understanding the intentional systemic way of working within it.  All of which requires a bit of work and reflective processing on our part.

And too, reflecting on conscientiousness, we come to see it requires of us an intentional receptivity to awaken within – create the active presence of – truths essential to making right and good ethical choices.

Terry P. Anderson

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