The Children are Crying Out: “The culture wears no clothes!”

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The Children are Crying Out:  “The culture wears no clothes!”

Recall the children’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The emperor paraded in his undergarments, believing – from his self-centered egoistic perspective – that he was clothed in garments so fine that the “stupid, ignorant and lowly” could not see them. And so, people at the parade, afraid to be considered lowly, stupid, etc., remain silent. And then a child calls out, “He wears no clothes!”

Today, the emperor is not a person, not a leader, not an earthly savior… no, not that. The emperor is our culture – our ways of living and working – and today, the children are calling out, “The culture wears no clothes!”

Culture works. Culture organizes our hearts and minds. The culture in which we are now swimming organizes us to honor and serve – even worship – self-aggrandizement, self-centeredness, self-righteousness… organizes us to herald, applaud and feed on divisiveness, blame, extraction, manipulation, power over.

And the children cry out, “The culture wears no clothes” – no cloak of life, of love.

+ No cloak of all-inclusive love.

+ No faith in the intended working of love and life.

When love is absent, so too is hope… hope of the children… hope for the children… hope for life, for living earth.

In a culture that works for all children in the world, the children sing out, “Our culture is cloaked in wisdom and beauty – the wisdom and beauty of life and love!”

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