The Work of Now

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The Greatest Wisdom is to Work for All Children

…a grassroots process

If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.

Love and Life…  Love is.  Love is the essence of the Source… the universal, never changing, non-discriminatory presence and process of the Source.  Love, like the falling rain, does not discriminate… whether we are moving towards or away from intentionality, love is ever present… whether we are moving towards or away from the intent and intended ways of the Source, love is ever present to each and to all.  Life is dynamic… an upward enfolding, unfolding wholistic, systemic process.  Diversity and uniqueness – not sameness – is the way of working of life.  We each and all, the whole of life, emanate from the one and the same Source.  We are intended to love all-inclusively, intended – like all of life – to join in the eternalizing of life on this earth work of the Source – the Father, the Creator, the Great Spirit.

Philosophy…  Through accessing and being nourished by wisdom – intentional wisdom – philosophy works to innerly organize heart and mind for love and life… organizing us in ways that enable our becoming a vessel for all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world; in ways that enable our becoming an intentional instrument for life – our joining in the eternalizing, upward enfolding, unfolding process of life – the work of the Source.  A coming from above, intentionally-sourced wisdom-nourished philosophy enables our ways of living and working to be and become ways of staying connected to the Source… intentionally connected to and through love and life.

Intuition of wholeness and reason…  It is through the intuition of wholeness that we access the wisdom of intent – the wholeness, systemic-ness, intentionality present within wisdom… a coming from above – essence – wisdom (as contrasted to the wisdom of experience).  When intentional wisdom is present in our processes, reason – that which we look to for essential structures and structuring – seeks to honor and enable the intentional systemic and wholistic ways of life, and the necessity for all-inclusive love to enter into the working of the world.  Thus, reason moves away from its habit of fractionation, segmentation, divisiveness… while not losing its ability to focus on the particular – a systemic element – and never losing focus on wholeness, the intentional perspective of love and life.

Philosophy, science, theology, ideology…  An intentional wisdom-nourished philosophy breathes life and realness into science and theology.  When wisdom diminishes, so too does the life vitalizing ableness of science and theology. They become disconnected from love and intentional ways of life, move more and more towards the artificial, my will, my desire ways of living and working. Ultimately, the wholeness, intentionality of wisdom-nourished philosophy is reduced to ideology…  self-serving ideology… ideologies which create segmentation and divisiveness… all of which serve to and seek to create “walls”, artificial walls to intended ways… to love entering into the working of the world… walls and ways of disenabling intent… segmenting processes that serve to intentionally disconnect us from the Source – the Source of love and life.

Work for all children in the world…  A while back, baptism of water served to re-connect us to the Source, in particular to the universal, all-inclusive love of the Source.  Now it is through the Spirit that we are being called to become and stay connected to the Source – to love and life… called to take up spirit manifesting work…  to work for all children in the world… to create cultures – ways of living and working – that reflect the intentionality present in all-inclusive love entering, present in the eternalizing upward enfolding unfolding process of life.  A work for all children in the world philosophy is a philosophy that is organized – through intentional wisdom – by love and life…  a philosophy grounded in faith in intent… our having faith in taking up and living out ways that reflect faith in intent.

At this time it is clear that becoming and staying intentionally connected to the Source requires the ongoing exercising of free will conscious conscientious choice… within self, within community… which itself demands an ongoing reflective, intuitive process within self, and an intentional dialoguing process with two or more.  And too, reflecting on intentional connectivity with Source makes clear – wholistically, systemically clear – that the greatest wisdom of this time is to work for all my children in the world.

Humbly in service to the work for all children,

Terry P. Anderson, Grand Junction, CO

Sandra Maslow Smith, Foley, AL