Trail Notes

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Notes from along the path of intentionally grandmothering:  working for all children in the world, and speaking for living earth upon which their future depends…

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About the future of all children… I recently received a letter from a friend who expressed heartfelt concern over whether the future will be one of freedom and peace.  This concern is stirring across this country and beyond… particularly concern about the future of our children, of all children in the world.  One thing is certain: we cannot solve our problems with the same heart/mind that created them.  Before us – as person, community, people of earth – lies the work of changing our hearts and minds. Such change is both a choice and a process, a grassroots process… not something that can be legislated, forced, dictated, etc.

This Work for All Children website is dedicated to serving the now-needed grassroots process of taking up all pursuits in ways that come from potential and work for all children in the world…  intuitively-led grassroots process aimed at developing mind and heart:

Leading our thinking with the intuitive wisdom of essence and wholeness,

Becoming vessel for all-inclusive love entering life…

Enabling our taking on essential roles in creating a more hopeful future for all children in the world and the living earth upon which they depend.

It is my hope that you will browse our website, and that you find it to be ongoingly helpful as your particular role in this essential work increases in clarity.


This morning a couple of possible reflective words showed up:

Love in the process is the way, the only way of, from and towards the light… the only way of, from and towards the truth – the truth of our livingness, our humanness, our spiritual beingness.

Love in the process is the way, the only way of working for all the children in the world… for all my children in the world


Now is the time for the intuitive mind of essence and wholeness leading the reasoning mind of existence, a time for coming from potential, the time to work for all children in the world, the time for all-inclusive love entering.

Some call this the age of woman; some the age of Mary. Perhaps this age will not truly be named until it is – if and until it becomes – our embedded way of living and working. The hazards and cultural pressures of going another way are great…

Will we become community making an intentional change in heart and mind? Will we become the active living presence of voice to intuition, courage to conscience, congruence with intent?

Voice to intuition – intuition of wholeness and oneness,

Courage to conscience – conscience of all-inclusive love entering,

Congruence with intent – ever-present unfolding intent of the Creator of life.

Will we answer “Yes” to the called work of now, to the mother’s command: “Work for all my children… all my children in the world”?


The work, the called work of humanity at this time of now, is “Work for all children… all children in the world.”  This day, Good Friday, we are reminded there being “no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”… and we ask, “Who are our my friends?  Who is my neighbor?”  The answer we are given, the story of the good Samaritan – the tender selfless merciful caring of a wounded shunned man.  All of which leads to our grasping the new command given us the night before Christ died, “Love one another.  Even as I loved you, you also should love one another.”  As we answer “Yes” to the called work for all children, we come to understand we are stepping onto the path of living the words, “as I have loved you”… a path of all-inclusive love entering… a path by and through which we innerly experience “If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it bears much fruit.”  Dying to the ego self, we are born to joining with the Father’s work, the Father’s intended ongoing upwardly unfolding creation… the way of bearing fruit that lasts.


With regard to beingness, our being created as living human spiritual beings, as you may recall my prayerful questioning of late has been around being/beingness.  A bit ago, I saw being/beingness systemically… for the first time I saw the whole, the systemic working of the whole.  I don’t know that I can write it wholistically yet; but the systemic elements present within the wholeness of our intentionality – our being created as living human spiritual beings.  I could see this:

+  Our being innerly organized by the planetary life energy field as related to our livingness… the livingness that we all share, and thus can come together around.

+  Love in the process is what innerly organizes our intentional humanness.

+  Spiritual beingness… the beingness required for the work, the spirit manifesting work now being called for… the here and unfolding now work being called for.

Seeing these systemically, systemically working, expresses the whole of our intentionality… our being created as living human spiritual beings.  And too, we can see if one of the elements is absent, so too is wholeness… wholeness and intended ways of working.  And finally, imbedded within this is something called personal development, and intentional community working.  I realize that this may be a bit sketchy, but I wanted to capture some of the imagery present within my processing, before it diminishes… all for now…  


Coming from the world of our making, Stephen Hawking concluded that global warming – the heating of our planet – would end humankind’s time on earth… unless artificial intelligence causes our demise sooner.

Coming from potential, we look to intuition: the seeing of the whole, accessing intentional wisdom, understanding intended ways… that which is required for free will conscious conscientious choice… particularly the choice of harmonious congruence with intended ways of working of life and with what works for all children in the world.


Intentional Grandmothering  is all-inclusive grandmothering.  “All-inclusive” is the essence of our humanness… describing the nature of love that is now being called for to enter the process.  All-inclusive love being the love that makes all things possible, without which nothing is possible… and is at the heart of that which works for all children…