Trail Notes

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Notes from along the path of working for all children… advancing humanness, nourishing life…

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A truthful coalescence…. Coming into the house from last night’s “star appreciating,” this thought entered:

Faith, hope and love… the greatest of these is love.

We are intended to love all-inclusively.

All-inclusiveness begins with wisdom… the wholeness, the systemic-ness, the intentionality present within wisdom.

The greatest wisdom is to “Work for all my children in the world.”

We are all children of at the one and same Source.

And as dawn was breaking this entered:

It is through wisdom, the accessing of wisdom – the seeing and understanding of intent, intended ways of living and working on this earth – that we are enabled to exercise that uniquely human virtue, free will conscious conscientious choice.

It is through our embracing wisdom – intentional wisdom – that we free ourselves from existence attachments… the necessary process for choosing the right and good… right for the one, good for the whole… right for humanity, good for the whole of living earth.

All for now, Terry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reflections on the process pattern of Christ… Philosophy whole enough and complete enough for us to come together as a people of earth to develop and live from the planetary ethics so direly needed at this time, must be a philosophy clothed in life and love. Reflecting on the process pattern of Jesus Christ, a man who decidedly lived his whole life with all-inclusive love in the process, following the commands of the Father, enables us to see the intended way of working of love and our part in the ongoingness of living earth, the Father’s intended ongoing unfolding creation. I find this nature of reflection on the Gospel to be both uplifting and inspiriting while it brings a greater depth of understanding of the way of taking up the grassroots work before us… the particular work of our calling in ways creating a culture that works for all children in the world. I share this with the hope that you who are reading it will also be inspired to read the gospels from an intended here and unfolding now process perspective.

Recently I entered into a reflective process evoked by words of Christ, reflections leading to a greater depth of seeing the process pattern of Christ, seeing relevant to the here and unfolding now, as advancing humanness/nourishing life guidance… reflections evoked by his words…

I am the good Shepherd, the good Shepherd lays down his life on behalf of the sheep…

No one takes it from me, but I lay it down from myself. I have authority to lay it down and again I have authority to take it. This commandment I received from the Father of me.

+ Christ became a living vessel for all-inclusive love entering life… making possible human vesselness for all-inclusive love entering life – the love of the Source entering life. This is the returning to the essence of humanness intended from the beginning… choosing vesselness for love entering, consciously choosing community vesselness for all-inclusive love entering life.

+ Christ was commanded to choose love ongoingly, never wavering even unto death (No greater love has man, than to give up his life for a friend). This was his work. This was the Father’s will; that he become the accessible pattern of the process for our – humankind – all- inclusively loving even unto death. The Father commanded him to become the complete and perfect process of the living human spiritual being, perfect vesselness for love entering into life through Thy Will work and role, perfected work and role of humankind… perfected meaning lay down life with love in the process, making possible taking life up again, returning life and love to the Father of life, through never wavering love – oneness of humanity with the Father.

+ Christ’s work was to actualize this process, bring into being this essence process of all- inclusive love entering – through the whole process of life… actualizing living human spiritual beingness, making possible the fulfilling of, our ongoing yessing to, the Father’s everlasting life command. His was to bring into being – make actual – the full, true, perfected process of man, as intended since the Garden… a process available to us, a process that calls for our taking up his way, for our “Yes” to calling and called work (Yes to Thou shall love; Yes to Thy will be done) … role and work essential for the Father’s everlasting life command to be realized… for realizing the potential Christ made possible through perfecting the work of the Father.

+ Yes, truly, the Christ process – Thou shall vesselness embracingThy will instrumentality – is the actualized, yet to be realized, way… the process way of our becoming fully and truly – intended since the beginning – living human spiritual beings… intended to ongoingly advance our humanness, our spiritual beingness through embracing and nourishing the livingness of earth itself and humankind, life’s intended member… possible only by and through all-inclusive love in our process. If love is not present in our process, love will not be present in the outcome.

All of which brings to the fore, his words, I am the door, the Thou shall/Thy will doorgo in and go out through me, go in and go out through his process, process actualized by his perfecting the work that the Father gave to him that he should do. Perfecting the process pattern of the intended way of working of humankind on this earth in the here and unfolding now.

Humbly in service to the grassroots work of creating a culture that works for all children in the world, Sandra 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Children are Crying Out: “The culture has no clothes!”  Recall the child’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The emperor paraded in his undergarments, believing – from his self-centered egoistic perspective – that he was clothed in garments so fine that the stupid, ignorant and lowly could not see them. And so, people at the parade, afraid to be considered lowly, stupid, etc., remain silent. And then a child calls out, “He wears no clothes!”

Today, the emperor is not a person, not a leader, not an earthly savior… no, not that. The emperor is our culture… and today, the children are calling out, “Our culture wears no clothes!”

Culture works. Culture organizes our hearts and minds. The culture in which we are now swimming organizes us to honor and serve – even worship – self-aggrandizement, self-centeredness, self-righteousness… organizes us to herald, applaud and feed on divisiveness, segmentalness, extraction, manipulation, power over.

And the children cry out, “The culture has no clothes” – no cloak of life, of love.

+  No cloak of love… no taste of the “Thou shall” teaching of Christ: Love God, love thy neighbor, love thy enemy, love one another as I have loved you – all-inclusively.

+  No faith in intent… no faith in “Thou shall love…”; no faith in the Father’s intended ways of working of life… the intent of the Father, the Creator of each, all and everything.

When love is absent, so too is hope… hope of the children… hope for the children… hope for life, for living earth.

In a work for all children in the world culture, the children cry out, “Our culture is cloaked in wisdom and beauty – the wisdom and beauty of life and love!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Exercising free will conscientious conscious choice… While reading John 10:11-18, (I am the door.  If anyone enter through me he will be saved… And will go in and will go out, and will find pasture…), reading from a here and unfolding now work for all children perspective… I was inspired and inspirited by these images…

Enter through the way of vesselness for all-inclusive love entering… the Thou shall love way… choose the Thou shall love all-inclusively way.

Enter through the way of instrument for the Father’s everlasting life work… choose the Thy will way, the Thy will be done as in heaven so also on this earth way.

He will be saved… he will have the ableness to return to the path of original intent… to choose to join with the intended spirit-manifesting way of working of life, of humankind, an intended living member of earth’s life community… to answer “Yes” to the intended work and role of the people of earth in the intended ongoing unfolding creation.

Making possible everlasting life on earth as in heaven… intended everlasting life of living earth, the intended ongoing upwardly unfolding of creation, and of humankind, its living member…  making possible the ongoingness of returning love and life to the Father.

Go in…enter the sacred space of prayerful questioning, reflective processing, intuitive intentional dialoguing… accessing/opening self to the love of the Father and truth of the Spirit.  Go in… move towards oneness of the people, move towards oneness with the Father.  This is the go-in process of Christ…  making possible go out, go out as community, as a people of living earth… answering “Yes” to going out into the world, to take up work and role in intended congruence with the Father’s intent and intended ways of the life processes, systems and structures of earth… harmonious congruence with the intended ongoing upwardly unfolding creation.  The door… the way of Thou shall love (all-inclusive love entering); the way of Thy will be done (truth/spirit manifesting)… the Christ process way.  Going in and going out… finding pasture – replenishing love and truth… finding work and role – living harmonious congruence.  All for now, Sandra

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Strength lies in virtue…  Listening to farm radio, while coming through Nebraska and Iowa, we heard this story.  A commentator was talking with a visitor from India.  The visitor stated that the strength of America’s economy lies in virtue… a bit of a surprising statement to the commentator.  One which called for an example.  Thus the visitor went on: there’s a dairy farmer and his neighbor.  The neighbor, needing milk, goes over to the dairy farmer, finds the farmer is out in the field.  And so he helps himself to the milk he needs, and leaves appropriate compensation.  Now if the farmer cheats, and if the neighbor steals, then we look to adding regulations, inspectors, enforcers, etc.  And so, in my way of thinking I could see that regulatory burden is the ” gift” we give ourselves when virtue is absent.

My reflections followed a path of seeing a shift in perspective from problem solving – right and wrong – to potential – right and good, right for the one, good for the whole.  Which of course brought to mind ethics, intentional ethics as a way of enfolding the truths present within right and wrong into the upward unfolding of life; emerging as more whole, more complete manifestations of intentionality.  All of which coalesced around intentional – virtue sourced, essence based – value adding processes operating in reciprocally nourishing ways.  A completion of the imagery generated by the visitor’s insight. And finally, I could begin to see the “Thou Shall Not”s in a similar fashion – shifting from right and wrong to right and good, seeing moral failings as a precursor to intentional ethics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Love and mercy…  A while back I ran across two Gospels (MT5:43-48; LK6:36-38) that really speak to love and mercy; especially seeing the “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect” referring to Thou Shall love, including your enemy.  In my reading of them, I experienced them more as expressions of the work for all children philosophy, than as theology… perhaps because they were so clearly grounded in the here and unfolding now.  All for now, Terry

“Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” becomes ever more real – here and unfolding now real – when we reflect on Jesus’ prayer to the Father (JN17) the night before his death: “I perfected the work that you gave to me that I should do.” We – humankind – are created with the intent that we too perfect the work that we are called/intended to do.  All for now, Sandra

Following your suggestion, I read Jn17, which evoked these thoughts:

+ seeing the essence of Christ’s work as love in the process… bringing love… perfected – all-inclusive all-including – not artificially restricted or soiled, into the process… accessible to all.

+ seeing forgiveness – salvation – as a necessary precursor to love entering; but not the essence, intentional purpose/aim of the work. Love entering the process being required for sustaining and realizing potential, the potential intentionally present in the creation of humankind… our being created in the first place – the original intent.

+ interesting to see Christ petitioning the Father – not to take us out of this world, but rather to protect us from evil – causes one to think perhaps there is a purpose/particular work for us to take up on this earth… in the pattern of Christ.

All of which adds increasing depth to our coalescing thought of love in the process and harmonious congruence with intended ways of working of ourselves and life itself…  All for now, Terry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The work-for-all-children philosophy… Coming from existence, from experience, we can see that behind science, behind theology is philosophy – that which we look to both for discipline and discipleship, and upstream of that is wisdom… the seeking of wisdom, the wisdom to lead our processes… to enable our developing right and good thought and action.  Traditionally, in this culture, our philosophies have been grounded in existence, in experience.  The work-for-all- children philosophy – the living philosophy of potential – is unique in its being grounded in essence – essence patterns of intent.  Thus, the upstream wisdom it seeks is the wisdom of intent – the seeing and understanding of intent, intended ways of living and working on this earth… the particular wisdom required for the work of now, for our developing right and good thought and action with regard to here and unfolding now issues.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Making life wise…  This morning as I was contemplating wisdom, wondering as to why it has showed up, and continues to be active, the purposeful cycle of work – make life wise – entered… quickly followed by make life whole, make life real, make life fruitful.  And soon I could see a trace of the purposeful cycles of work actively present, often in a leading sort of way, along our path of many years… seeing the life of the whole perspective shifting from the artificial world of our making to the world of intent; honoring, bringing essence into life, essence patterns of intent; wisdom of intent leading; creating the vessel for all-inclusive love entering.  And as the imaging began to diminish the notion of “It’s all about life, not about us” brought the process to a close…

All for now, Terry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While reflecting on wisdom being the essence of the feminine, thoughts turned an old saying:  The work of the feminine being wisdom and beauty; the work of the masculine being eternalization and liberation… leading to a questioning as to whether eternalization is the essence of the masculine.  Reflection leading to more and more seeing wisdom as the essence of the feminine, and beauty in terms of the female – coming from the existence side.  And too, seeing eternalization as the essence – coming from the essence side – of the masculine, and liberation as the existence side of the male.  Seeing feminine and masculine more as process – inner processing of patterns of intent, and female and male more in terms of structure/structuring – more related to existence manifestations.  It is interesting to see these in terms of today – the ego processes of today – and in the context of reciprocal nourishment.  For example, liberation as freedom from ethics, necessary regulation, freedom from Thy Will – seeking to fulfill my will, my desire, power over… a seemingly self-serving paternalistic rather than an intentional perspective… perhaps a manifestation of the absence of wisdom and love in our processes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Essence lies in reciprocally nourishing processes…. Some of the images and thoughts while traveling through the Midwest farm/ranchland are still processing…

What seems to be more clear with regard to its energy field is that its essence lies in reciprocally nourishing processes (I have come to see reciprocal nourishment as a more wholistic manifestation of life –  intentional ways of life, than that evoked by reciprocal maintenance – which seems to be more akin to the functional, existence side). Holding reciprocally nourishing processes in mind, respectful harmony and wisdom love emerged as that which completes the depiction of our joining in its intended way of working.  Reflecting on that brought to mind a conversation I had with a third-generation Iowa farmer. A conversation that began with the diminishing efficacy of particular yield improving herbicides and pesticides – it was taking more and more for less and less return, such that in a few years they were essentially ineffective.  Not unlike the experience of antibiotics in our medical processes. And now as he considered GMO technology he wondered what the long-term effect of that would be.  But as our conversation continued, what really surprised me, in a shocking, sad sort of way; was his comment that it had been years since his hands had touched the soil… in a very real way, modern methods had eliminated the need or tendency to do such. He wondered how his grandfather would see all this. Clearly absent within his process was the reciprocally nourishing essence character of life’s intentional ways… regardless of which systemic element one reflected from or upon – the soil, the food produced, sustainability, his work, etc. And as I write this I can see that if love is not present in the process, neither will reciprocal nourishment be present.  Perhaps that is the essence work of love… a notion worth contemplating, but seemingly accurate.

The other conversation that played through my mind was a recorded one that took place between two Ogallala Sioux elders, as they contemplated the ending of their life.  Their reflections on the sacredness of the buffalo – their source of food, clothing, shelter – the gift of the Great Spirit; and that which they were intended to love and respect… and how now at the end of their life it was time to make grass – to complete the nourishing cycle of life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All-inclusiveness begins with wisdom… the wholeness, systemic-ness, and intentionality present within wisdom.

Wisdom is at the essence of the living philosophy of potential.   A here and unfolding now, work organized philosophy that, through prayerful questioning and intentional dialoguing, has brought to heart and mind the understanding that the called work of now is to “Work for all my children in the world.” That being the necessary work to move us away from the artificial world of our making and towards the world of intent… towards our creating the processes and culture for living and working in intentional ways… our becoming a wisdom-led people of earth…  necessary for the willful coming of the world of intent – that which is seeking to emerge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All-inclusive love enters through our taking up – with heart and mind – the working for all children, all children in the world…

the creating of a hopeful future for the children…

the creating of a work for all children culture. 

It is the allness, the working for all children in the world – having that intentionally present within heart and mind – that opens us to all-inclusive love entering…  that makes possible our being and becoming a community vessel for all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world.

A beginning is to ask ourselves:

Does this which we are about to pursue work for all children – all children in the world? 

Does it move us towards wholeness and away from that which divides?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We have come to see the alpha and omega of realizing potential… realizing the potential Christ makes possible through the completion of his work on this earth. The cycle of work begins with intuition – the intuition of wholeness, of essence – and completes itself with virtue sourced, essence based value adding processes.  Thus, realizing the potential inherently, intentionally present in our having been created as living human spiritual beings…  realizing the potential present within both intuition and reason… all of which requires, calls for a particular nature of philosophy.

This time of potential is a time calling for a come from above, essence based, living philosophy of realizing potential… realizing the potential Christ makes possible through the completion of his work on this earth. Realizing the potential inherently, intentionally present within… within ourselves, within the whole of life.  A philosophy that embraces the whole of the truth of our intentionality… our livingness, our humanness, our spiritual beingness.  A philosophy that enables our exercising free will conscious conscientious choice… an authentic “Yes” on our part to essence virtue, called work, the work now before us… such that we as a people, as a community of and within life, can join in the upward enfolding, unfolding, eternalizing of life process on and through this earth.  A ‘joining in’ calling for the creation of virtue sourced, essence based, value adding processes… a taking up of the called work of now: work for all my children in the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is through intentional – virtue sourced, essence based – value adding processes, that we can be and become instruments for life, vessels for all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world… become an intentional people of earth.

As we seek to create intentional value adding processes it is useful to remember that they sustain themselves through reciprocally nourishing economics – materially, energetically, spiritually.

And too, the making of all things new begins with process.  Potential lies within and is realized through process. Systems are developed to sustain the potential in the process.  Structuring occurs within processing. With understanding of intentional ways of working, we are free to create enabling structures, that which enables intended unfolding.

And finally, Yes God does love us, sent his only son… But at this time, ours is not to bask in, dwell upon that; not that, but rather to Love God– thus the Thou Shall, Thy Willbe done guidance… all of which comes about through the creation of and living through intentional value adding processes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About the future of all children… I recently received a letter from a friend who expressed heartfelt concern over whether the future will be one of freedom and peace.  This concern is stirring across this country and beyond… particularly concern about the future of our children, of all children in the world.  One thing is certain: we cannot solve our problems with the same heart/mind that created them.  Before us – as person, community, people of earth – lies the work of changing our hearts and minds. Such change is both a choice and a process, a grassroots process… not something that can be legislated, forced, dictated, etc.

This Work for All Children website is dedicated to serving the now-needed grassroots process of taking up all pursuits in ways that come from potential and work for all children in the world…  intuitively-led grassroots process aimed at developing mind and heart:

Leading our thinking with the intuitive wisdom of essence and wholeness,

Becoming vessel for all-inclusive love entering life…

Enabling our taking on essential roles in creating a more hopeful future for all children in the world and the living earth upon which they depend.

It is my hope that you will browse our website, and that you find it to be ongoingly helpful as your particular role in this essential work increases in clarity.


This morning a couple of possible reflective words showed up:

Love in the process is the way, the only way of, from and towards the light… the only way of, from and towards the truth – the truth of our livingness, our humanness, our spiritual beingness.

Love in the process is the way, the only way of working for all the children in the world… for all my children in the world


Now is the time for the intuitive mind of essence and wholeness leading the reasoning mind of existence, a time for coming from potential, the time to work for all children in the world, the time for all-inclusive love entering.

Some call this the age of woman; some the age of Mary. Perhaps this age will not truly be named until it is – if and until it becomes – our embedded way of living and working. The hazards and cultural pressures of going another way are great…

Will we become community making an intentional change in heart and mind? Will we become the active living presence of voice to intuition, courage to conscience, congruence with intent?

Voice to intuition – intuition of wholeness and oneness,

Courage to conscience – conscience of all-inclusive love entering,

Congruence with intent – ever-present unfolding intent of the Creator of life.

Will we answer “Yes” to the called work of now, to the mother’s command: “Work for all my children… all my children in the world”?


The work, the called work of humanity at this time of now, is “Work for all children… all children in the world.”  This day, Good Friday, we are reminded there being “no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”… and we ask, “Who are our my friends?  Who is my neighbor?”  The answer we are given, the story of the good Samaritan – the tender selfless merciful caring of a wounded shunned man.  All of which leads to our grasping the new command given us the night before Christ died, “Love one another.  Even as I loved you, you also should love one another.”  As we answer “Yes” to the called work for all children, we come to understand we are stepping onto the path of living the words, “as I have loved you”… a path of all-inclusive love entering… a path by and through which we innerly experience “If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it bears much fruit.”  Dying to the ego self, we are born to joining with the Father’s work, the Father’s intended ongoing upwardly unfolding creation… the way of bearing fruit that lasts.


With regard to beingness, our being created as living human spiritual beings, as you may recall my prayerful questioning of late has been around being/beingness.  A bit ago, I saw being/beingness systemically… for the first time I saw the whole, the systemic working of the whole.  I don’t know that I can write it wholistically yet; but the systemic elements present within the wholeness of our intentionality – our being created as living human spiritual beings.  I could see this:

+  Our being innerly organized by the planetary life energy field as related to our livingness… the livingness that we all share, and thus can come together around.

+  Love in the process is what innerly organizes our intentional humanness.

+  Spiritual beingness… the beingness required for the work, the spirit manifesting work now being called for… the here and unfolding now work being called for.

Seeing these systemically, systemically working, expresses the whole of our intentionality… our being created as living human spiritual beings.  And too, we can see if one of the elements is absent, so too is wholeness… wholeness and intended ways of working.  And finally, imbedded within this is something called personal development, and intentional community working.  I realize that this may be a bit sketchy, but I wanted to capture some of the imagery present within my processing, before it diminishes… all for now…  


Coming from the world of our making, Stephen Hawking concluded that global warming – the heating of our planet – would end humankind’s time on earth… unless artificial intelligence causes our demise sooner.

Coming from potential, we look to intuition: the seeing of the whole, accessing intentional wisdom, understanding intended ways… that which is required for free will conscious conscientious choice… particularly the choice of harmonious congruence with intended ways of working of life and with what works for all children in the world.


Intentional Grandmothering  is all-inclusive grandmothering.  “All-inclusive” is the essence of our humanness… describing the nature of love that is now being called for to enter the process.  All-inclusive love being the love that makes all things possible, without which nothing is possible… and is at the heart of that which works for all children…