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Work for All Children website… A Living Resource to the Intuitively-Led Grassroots Process

The writings on this website ( are intended to be a living resource supporting the intuitively-led ongoing unfolding grassroots process of developing the heart and mind called for at this time of now… the heart and mind that comes from potential and works for all children in the world… community heart and mind essential to our moving towards peace among all people and harmony with the living processes of earth. This work calls for an all-inclusive heart and an intuitive mind – an all-inclusive heart taking up pursuits in ways that work for all children, and an intuitive mind coming from the perspective of potential, an intentional perspective, one that leads to our living in harmony with intent and intended ways of Life, Love and Truth.

Browsing this site, you will find several collections and categories of papers, letters and reflections…  all written from the perspective of potential and with the aim of working for all children in the world; each written from intuition to intuition; each expressing a whole thought.  Choose a writing that draws your interest; invite a friend to join you.  Read it aloud, reflect on the images evoked… and dialogue.  This holds the promise of moving us into the intuitive mind of wisdom, the mind that can see intended ways of wholeness, and the all-inclusive heart, the heart that embraces the truth of our oneness.  By so doing, we are stepping onto the path of becoming community that creates a hopeful future for the children, and for the living earth upon which they (we all) forever depend.  Becoming community begins with two or more gathering and is dependent upon ongoing intentional dialoguing, opening heart/mind to intuitive wisdom and love entering.

We are not the source of truth, love or good.  Through intuitive reflective processing, intentional dialoguing and prayerful questioning, we have gained access to some images of intentionality which are the source of these writings… writings intended to be used as “food” for intuitive processing, intentional dialoguing and prayerful questioning.  To be clear, if, in your reflective reading and dialoguing of what is written here, you see or experience a sense of truth, know for certain it does not come from the writer.

Humbly in service to the work for all children,

Sandra Maslow Smith, Foley, Alabama USA

Terry P. Anderson, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA