Better Processing… Better People

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Better Processing… Better People

At this time we have before us – staring us in the face, so to speak – issues critical to the wellbeing of humanity and critical to life… critical to our essential humanness; critical to the ongoingness and eternalizing of life on and through earth.  Issues that call for and require significant developmental shifts within ourselves, within our communities, and within the whole of humanity.  Issues that are making visible, intuitively obvious, the need for us to be and become better people – more wholly, more truly human… and to achieve that which calls upon us to create and engage in better processing – processes that create more wholistic seeing and systemic understanding.  Processes that create the ableness within ourselves, within our communities, to make increasingly wise, wise and right and good choices… right for the children, good for the whole… the whole of humanity, the whole of life.

Further reflective, intuitive processing, has also made visible that which is becoming more obvious, more clear, more concrete to more and more of us:

+ Our current ways of doing, and how we are functioning are not working.  They are not a manifestation of the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  Our processing is not moving us towards wholeness… wholeness within our person, wholeness within ourselves as a community; nor wholeness within our shared humanity.  Not moving us towards wholeness, but rather moving us towards divisiveness, hazardous, destructive divisiveness… divisiveness that not only is diminishing essential humanness; but also, is diminishing the vitality of the life processes of earth.  The very processes we – current and future generations – inextricably depend upon for our wellbeing and our ongoing presence on this earth.

+ Our doing and functioning, that which clearly is not working, is disenabling our capacity – as a person, as a community – to access and develop discriminatory wisdom… the nature of wisdom that both enables and allows us to make wise and right and good choices.  The capacity to differentiate between how we do things and how things work – how things are intended to work.  Reminding us that while there should be congruence between doing and intent; that is not necessarily automatically true.

+ The current pattern, that which is leading our thinking, is the source of that which we are doing, and the source of the functioning and processing that is not working. Our cultural pattern of coming from below, from existence, naturally favors (almost to exclusion) problem solving, reductionist processes that lack the wholeness and come from above intentionality now called for. We cannot bring reconciling resolution to the critical issues of today by following the pattern and processes that are the source of the issue… we cannot bring resolution to the issue with the mind that created it.  Reconciling resolution to the critical issues of today requires the accessing and development of the intuitive mind of wholeness.  The mind that naturally comes from above, from essence, seeks to access wisdom; and the seeing and understanding of wholeness, wholistic systemic working and potential realizing processes within that. Thus the mind and processing through which we access wisdom, intentional wisdom, and develop the seeing and understanding that is to lead our thinking.  Leads us not in a way that diminishes the virtue and value of the reasoning mind of existence; but rather in ways that realize its potential to manifest essence in existence.  That is, realize its potential to ensure that that which we create, the structures and structuring we bring into existence, are  harmonious with and enabling of intended ways of working on this earth.

Before moving on to a more specific look at particular developmental shifts, it will be helpful to hold in mind:

+ How we work: the perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from; and ultimately what we create… bring into existence. 

+ If love is not present within our processes, love will not be present in the outcomes.  Love is the name we give to that which creates and sustains wholeness within life, wholeness within ourselves.

+ There is a Source, an intentionality, a will force behind the whole of all.  We are not the source; rather intended vessels for love to enter through us into the working of the living world… intended to be vessels for love entering, and life nourishing instruments.

Going into community… initiating the better processing … better people process… initiating the process in a practice-able work organized way… developing the seeing and understanding of the particular wisdoms the initiating work of now – reconciling issues in potential realizing, advancing humanness, nourishing life ways – calls for… following the pattern of “As we develop the work, the work develops us.”

Work for all the children in the world… all my children in the world, is the greatest wisdom of now.  A wisdom that reflects the truth of one Source of each and all.  One Source, a hierarchy of one, all else equal.  Each and all having work, particular work, a gift to bring into the process… a potential to be realized.  Work for all the children in the world is the organizing source for the particular wisdoms that the community seeks to bring into its processing.  Processing that reflects the called for developmental shift of now. 

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