Moving towards Wholeness… The Urgency of Now

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Moving towards Wholeness… The Urgency of Now

We are being innerly stirred – within heart, and within awakening mind – to move towards wholeness, away from that which divides.  And outerly, externally, disturbed – through the loud and angry voices of selfish desire – thus engendering fear… the nature of fear necessary to interfere with, to effectively block, love from entering our processes…

An outer disturbance that is creating within us an experience of being lost on a stormy sea… directionless, unable to plan, an ongoing presence of uncertainty.  But drifting apart.  Unable to come together as community, to create processes that reflect who we are intended to be… that which we experience as being authentic… as a person, as a community of living human spiritual beings.

We are being called to say Yes to that which is innerly stirring us.  And say No to that which seeks to divide.  To come together, to create and sustain processes of wholeness… wholeness of truth.  To calm the waters of an ever-stormy sea… to walk on the waters of truth… intentional truths essential to now.  

Always remembering that…

Love is the name we give to the process that creates and sustains wholeness within life, within ourselves.  If love is not present in the process – in our processes – love will not be present in the outcome… regardless of how noble we perceive our cause.

We are intended to be vessels for love, the love of the Source, entering into the processes of life, the processes of our living.  And in particular, at this stormy time of now, what is being called for, is the compassion of equality… the love that says Yes to the truths of our oneness – one Source, all else equal… to the truths of our livingness, of our humanness, of our spiritual beingness… the truths of why we are here, our essential reason for being created.

There is a path, not a predefined path, but a clear path nevertheless.  A path for our taking.  A path of yes, saying Yes… of knowing when to say No.  A path that recognizes community is the smallest whole.  A conscientious path, one of staying awake to inner truths… a process of our becoming better people… more authentic, more real, and truly human.

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