Voicing Intuition… The Critical Grassroots Community Work at this Time

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Voicing Intuition… The Critical Grassroots Community Work at this Time

Giving voice to intuition and courage to conscience…

In a way that… 

+ Love, the compassion of equality, is actively present and ongoingly entering our processes 

+ Enables each and all to consciously conscientiously choose moving away from the escalating, ultimately life-killing divisiveness that currently leads and controls the way we think, who we are becoming, and what we are creating… (not unlike the boiling frog, unaware of the rising temperature, it never jumps out of the water).

So our community becomes one that is…

+ Ongoingly asking ourselves the wisdom question of now, “Does this which we are about to pursue work for all children in the world?”

+ Ongoingly making right for the children, good for the whole ethically working choices… being disciplined about directing ourselves away from the non-ethical. 

Always remembering… 

+ If compassion of equality is not present in our processes, there will be no humanness advancing, life nourishing solution to any problem, great or small.

+ No person, ideology, organization, institution, can exist as an isolated bubble within a community that lacks the willfulness to manage its behavior in ways that create pursuits that are right for the children and good for the whole (For example, we – the community – can neither expect nor pretend this is possible in our schools and hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic).

+ Community is the smallest whole. It is fantasy to imagine that, without the intuitive wisdom of wholeness – that which we access through reflective processing, intentional dialoguing and prayerful questioning -; our cultural addiction to divisiveness and its offspring (self-centeredness, hate and violence) will somehow disappear. Thus, the need for our embracing in heart and mind, giving voice to intuition and courage to conscience. Now is the time.

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