COVID-19 Awakening – Being Reasonable

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COVID-19 Awakening – Being Reasonable

Emerging out of the awakening experience of the COVID pandemic process is some questioning concerning reasonable… our being reasonable. Reflective processing has developed these thoughts:

Thoughts organized by the understanding of the active presence of will in ableness, our being able.  Thoughts in the context of our awakening to the necessity for our moving away from the non-intentional world of our making, and towards the oneness and wholeness present within the intentional world.

It is through wisdom – intentional wisdom – guiding reason, our reasoning, that we become, are reasonable. Reasonable both in our ways, and in our creations – the structures and structuring we bring into being, into existence… in the material structures we create, as well as the structuring we induce within our and life’s systems and processes… systems such as culture, and the processes that take place within them. 

When pursuits and processes reflect the imaging – the seeing and understanding of – the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth, we are being reasonable. It is through our being reasonable that we move towards being fully and truly present within the intentional world…. the world we are not the source of; but are intended to be of and from.  The world present before us; but not yet seen, nor embraced by us in honoring and harmonious ways.  The world we enter by willfully embracing the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness.  

In our being reasonable we hold in mind and are disciplined about:
+ There is a Source… we are not the source.
+ One Source… all else equal… a hierarchy of one.
+ We, like all of earth’s creatures, have work and role with regard to the ongoingness of life.
+ If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outputs… nor the outcomes.

+ At this time, community is the smallest whole. Thus, reasonableness is more systemic, wholistic in its nature, as opposed to being individualistic.  

An example of reasonableness can be found in a visit to Chaco Canyon.  Here the structures and structuring the people created was organized by that which would enable the sustaining of their connectivity with the spiritual world and the earth… staying connected in a way that made possible the honoring of and living out their “caring for Mother Earth” role; and their living and working in harmony with intended ways.                                                                                  

Terry P. Anderson

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