Thy Will be Done

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Thy Will be Done

The notion of will, Thy Will that we lifted up at the end of our dialogue yesterday… processed a bit since.  Seems what we were lifting up is the reality of Christ being clear about “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and equally clear as to his not being the source.  His going forward prayer, “Our Father… Thy will be done…” reflected his being the process to develop heart and mind, ears and eyes, such that we could be instruments for Thy Will being done… become an intentional “Thy Will” people of earth… living and working in intentional ways… manifesting the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth… and following his path of taking up the work for which we – as living human spiritual beings – were sent.  

And too, we can see in his statement of “Don’t call me good; only He (God) is good”… the hazard if our thinking is beginning and ending with Christ… particularly when we reduce Christ to an image of savior… encompassing our thoughts in being saved, as opposed to living out the essential why of original intent – the why of our being created, that which required “being saved – reconnected to the Source” – so that we can fulfill our work and role through life on this earth…

Terry P. Anderson

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