The Rest of the Here and Unfolding Now Origin Story

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The Rest of the Here and Unfolding Now Origin Story

Good morning, Sandra… this morning the rest of the here and unfolding now origin story showed up…

 Somewhere along the way, the yin/yang relatedness of life and love – that which was present within the coalescing process of original intent, present within the intentional emergence of earth, of life and life’s creatures on this earth – began to diminish… lose their yin/yangness.  The yin/yangness, the process by which the essence of each was fully present within the other… the intentional dynamic – bringing life to love, and love to life within the intentional whole, the whole of all – began, through diminishing consciousness, to lose its integrity… to lose its intentionality – the oneness and wholeness required for the intended unfolding.  Thus, love – that which creates and sustains wholeness within life and within ourselves – and life – the intentional purpose of the earth – sustained their complementarity-ness, but the yin/yangness dynamic began to wane. The consciousness and conscientious required for instrumentality and vesselness, that which sustains openness to intentionality, that which enables the intended unfolding – the intended ways of working of life and love, began to narrow… diminish in its receptive character. The openness to intentionality began to diminish as existence – the discord and disharmony of coming from existence, that which had unfolded rather than the intended unfolding – became the source of direction… that which organized heart and mind.

And now, that which the Christ impulse makes possible – the yin/yangness of life and love, the intentional dynamic within the whole of all -, is seeking to be re-established. The intended ways of working of life and love on this earth are, at this time of great hazard, seeking to be actively present on and through this earth… to become actively present through intentionally organized consciousness and conscientiousness, through eyes that can see – a mind that sees the intended ways of working of life – and ears that can hear – a heart that is open to and embraces all-inclusive love… mind and heart, heart and mind, bringing life to love and love to life… creating the intentional dynamic of the all, reflecting the intentionality behind the whole of all.  Thus the urge for moving towards wholeness, away from that which divides… wholeness within life, wholeness within love – love God, love thy neighbor, love as I have loved you, love thy enemy.

The sense I have, with regard to this seeing, is that it is to be intuitively embraced, rather than reasonably explained.  It does seem useful to see that our creation story, the God of Abraham, as we came to experience him, and the theory of evolution, all emerged through intended unfolding – our indexing to that which has unfolded. Now we are being called, it is essential and necessary, to come from, to index to, original intent… the pre-origin of earth intent… that which is the source of the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth, and the intentional purpose of earth itself.  Not surprising then, that Intentionally-led, work-organized, living philosophy – that which is required for organizing heart and mind for the work of now, the ongoing development of that – is being called for… the development of the seeing, the understanding, the instrumentality, the vesselness, the living out of intentionality.

All for now, Terry P. Anderson