Negentropic… Eternalizing of Life on and through Earth

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Negentropic… Eternalizing of Life on and through Earth

Earth was created for life to have a place to enter into the working of the universe… the all… not temporarily, but rather eternally.

Life is an upward enfolding, unfolding, evolving process.

We, like all of life’s creatures, have work and role with regard to the ongoingness, the eternalizing of life on and through the earth.

Life organizes itself wholistically…. Love is the name we give to that which brings – creates and sustains – wholeness to life… to ourselves.

Life works systemically… Potential lies in process. Systems are created to sustain the potential realizing capacity of the process.

The processes of life are cyclical… cyclical in upward enfolding, unfolding, evolving ways.  It is through integration (e.g., digestion) of the structures that have been created into the ongoing process of life, that regeneration – the ongoingness and eternalizing of life – becomes possible.

Reflecting on the purposeful cycles of work in the context of the here and unfolding now… and the negentropic ways of life brings forth…

Making life whole…It is through love entering into the process that we make life whole.  We have come to understand that it is the work of the children to make life whole… to evoke within us the openness and receptivity to love entering the process… in particular, at this time, the all-inclusive love of the Source.  In the absence of wholeness, there is no sustainable intentional organizing; without love entering, there is no wholeness… no run up – negentropy -, rather run down – entropy… the diminishing of the vitality of the life processes of earth… the diminishing of our humanness.  Thus, the necessity for moving towards wholeness, away from that which divides… and saying yes to the mother’s command: “Work for all my children in the world.”

Making life real…It is the work of the young adult to make life real… to embrace and understand that which is seeking to unfold in front of them.  Life is a dynamic, going forward, upward enfolding, unfolding, evolving process. Whereas life is cyclical in regenerative ways, it is neither static – fixed in a point in time – nor is it backward moving… to do so would make it entropic… thus ultimately going out of existence.

Making life fruitful…To create the existence and developmental needs of the particular (e.g., ourselves and other living creatures) in reciprocally nourishing ways… in ways where the process of the one, enables the ongoingness of the other.  Reciprocal nourishment is the way of life, its way of sustaining and eternalizing itself. It is a process seemingly/experientially instinctively followed by all of life’s creatures, with the exception of ourselves. It is the intentional way of life.  An intentional way that requires consciousness and conscientiousness on our part to both honor and to join with.  One requiring our being authentic – fully and truly human – and becoming an intentional people of earth.  An intentional way, calling for our saying yes to our vesselness for love entering into the process… yes to our life nourishing instrumentality.  And one calling for our creating virtue sourced, potential realizing, ethically – right and good – ways of working, value adding processes.  Processes that both follow the pattern – the intentional ways – of life, and enable our fulfilling the intent for which we have been created… for our being a negentropic partner.  Virtue sourced, potential realizing, ethically – right and good – working, value adding processes being the central forming core – the essential process – around which cultures – the potential realizing systems – that work for all children in the world are formed.

Making life wise…To be receptive to, and to be led by, come-from-above wisdom – the truths and intentional ways of a coming from above, from essence, from an intentional perspective. Having wisdom leading reason, our reasoning – that which we look to, to create the structures and structuring necessary for ourselves and for our processes being and becoming reciprocally nourishing to the whole of life.  Remembering that when wisdom is absent, reason/reasoning is organized by existence – coming from below perspectives, versus coming from above intentional perspectives… an organizing process that inevitably looks to ego, rather than intentional purpose, for guidance… looks to ego for that which is to lead its thinking.  And too, it is wise and necessary to remember that any non-intentional, non-naturally occurring structures that we create must be captured and prevented from entering into the regenerative processes of life… and by so doing we are preventing the disenabling of original intent – the eternalizing of life on and through the earth.

And finally, let us always remember that hope, real hope for ourselves, for each and all, for the whole of life, is both present within and realized through our having faith in intent… putting our faith in intent… in the intended ways of living and working on this earth.         

Terry P. Anderson