Opening our Hearts and Minds to From Above Seeing

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Opening our Hearts and Minds to From Above Seeing

A Letter from the Dock

While reading the following passages, the writing below began to unfold…

 “You are from below; I am from above.  You are from this world, I am not from this world…

He having sent me is true and I what I heard from Him, these things I say to the world…

I AM! And from myself I do nothing, but even as the Father of me taught me, these things I speak… the things pleasing to Him, I do always.”                                    (JN 8:23,26, 28-29)

Christ sent us the Spirit of truth so that we also would some day be able to say, “From myself I do nothing, but even as the Spirit (God is Spirit) has taught me, these things I speak… and when I do these things, they are pleasing to the Father.”

Being stuck in existence can lead to first, not believing we too can “come from above”… that we were created for and are intended to come from above.  We come from this world, the perspective of existence, to lead our thinking.  Hence void the wisdom truth of the Spirit.  And, stuck in existence, when we acknowledge the Spirit of truth, we petition the Spirit for solving our existence problems… perhaps forgetting we are intended to “think as God thinks” (what Christ said when he rebuked Peter), “not as man thinks.” How is this possible?  By and through the Spirit of truth.  We open ourselves to the Spirit entering (“reminding us of all Christ told us, and everything”) through community processing (two or more gathering with all-inclusive love in the process): intentional dialoguing, wisdom writing and inner reflective processing. One may wonder why this is essential when Christ has already provided us with teachings and philosophy.  Yet recall, the teaching, “I from myself do nothing… but speak of the things the Father taught me… and do these things.”  Life is an ongoing upwardly unfolding process.  The Father is the Source of life.  We are intended members of life with work and role in its unfolding. As such, we are called to “see,” to “come from” its intended unfolding… to come from above… to lead our thinking with intent and intended ways of particular life processes within which we live, that we touch.  This, being from above wisdom intended to lead our thinking, which ultimately determines what we create, what we bring into the world.  With such, the things we do are pleasing to the Father.  We are joining in the everlasting life work of the Father.  Accessing such seeing calls for community processing (we cannot do this individually)… intentional dialoguing, wisdom writing and inner reflective processing. As Christ taught… two by two… go two by two.  With love in the process (Love one another as I have loved you) and yessing the Father’s everlasting life on this earth work.

…Two by two.  This being the process of opening ourselves to all-inclusive love entering… a receptive, rather than existence-based-hierarchical-process; a process open to intentional dialogue, leading to wisdom writing, inner reflective processing… a process receptive to the Spirit entering with gifts of truth: truth of intent and intended ways of working of life, truth of intent and intended ways of humanity.  Wisdom ways, ways we may choose – consciously conscientiously choose – to lead our thinking.

Always remembering the truth of how we – humankind – work… as true as is the law of gravity:

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move toward, what we move away from, and ultimately, what we create – what we bring into the world.

All things made new, pleasing to the Father, when we come from above, when we speak and do what we are given… the process pattern of Christ.

All for now, Sandra Maslow Smith