Working in Reciprocally Nourishing Ways… Taking on Systemic Purposes & Roles

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How we, as living human spiritual beings organize ourselves for perfecting our work… How we join in the ongoing creation – manifest spirit in the upward enfolding, unfolding, eternalizing of life…  And how we become an intentional people of earth…

Reflectively processing the work and ways of working of ants and bees may help develop the mind required for seeing and understanding our intended way of organizing for our work.  For example:

Beginning with seeing the life enabling essential work of the ant as soil making helps create a work organized mind, and pattern of thinking.  We see within its ways of working, its structures and structuring, the organizing presence of soil making – its essential work.  And more wholistically, see its systemic role with regard to sustaining and realizing the potential present within the process of creating fertile, life nourishing soil.  And within that seeing a leaf particle, a dead wasp, being transported via the ant hill into the earth… therein being digested, and integrated into the soil making process.

Turning then, in a similar way, to the bee; and seeing its life enabling essential work as pollinating. Here too we can develop a mind that can see the organizing presence of work. Thus, seeing its structure and structuring as not only serving its work – extracting nectar, sustaining life for the bee hive – but also the way in which it serves its systemic role and purpose… sustaining the life cycle – making life fruitful – of flowering plants… which in turn systemically work within a larger whole.

Within both of these examples we can see the active presence of reciprocally nourishing processes… engaging, interacting with one another – individually and systemically – in ways that not only sustain their existence, but enable the carrying out of their work… work and systemic role. This same principle of reciprocal nourishment is called for in our interactions as well… be they within the human community, or within the larger community of life.

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