Intentional Grandmothering; Inspiriting the Life of the Children

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The world of our culture’s making is diminishing the inspirited life of the children.

Reflecting on these words takes us into more deeply reflecting on the greatest wisdom of this time – Work for all my children in the world– and on the essentiality of our embracing the intentional grandmothering role… the role of creating cultures that work for all children… the grassroots role particularly essential at this time, when the future life of all children and the living earth itself is at risk.  These reflections bring to mind some principles we hold when coming from the perspective of potential: 

Children are not a problem to solve; children are potential to unfold. 

Create no artificial barriers to manifesting potential. 

Never diminish the spirit of a child.

Each and all have a gift… an embedded essence pattern of intent… potential enfolded, intended to be unfolded… spirit to be manifested on this earth at this time.  Cultures work.  Our culture today creates a plethora of barriers to seeing and manifesting the essence patterns of intent within the whole of humanity, within the whole of living earth.  

We can consume ourselves with the inevitably futile and endless efforts at problem solving these barriers one at a time.  Or we can consciously and conscientiously choose to take up the work of creating work for all children in the world cultures by taking on the all-inclusive intentional grandmothering role… 

+  The role anchored in and guided by compassion and intuition – compassion of equality and intuition of wholeness.  

+  The role giving voice to intuition (intuition of wholeness and essence) and courage to conscience (compassion of equality), initiating and leading the creation of cultures that work for all children in the world. 

+  The role critical to our transcending… transcending the pervasive divisiveness of, and blind obedience to, our current culture… and consciously conscientiously choosing all-inclusive love in our processes… leading to our embracing oneness – our oneness with humanity, oneness with the living earth, oneness with the Source of each, all and everything.

Innerly organizing ourselves for this culture-creating work and role requires ongoing intentional dialoguing – two or more gathering, with all-inclusive love in the process, seeking the intuitive seeing of wholeness… wholeness within humanity, wholeness within life.                                   

Sandra Maslow Smith

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