A Time for All-Inclusive Grandmothering; Work for All Children Facebook Post, January 2019

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Become the active living presence of voice to intuition, courage to conscience, and congruence with intent.   

Choose the living wisdom that works for all children in the world… and become the active living presence of:  + Voice to intuition – intuition of wholeness. + Courage to conscience – conscience of all-inclusive love. + Congruence with intent – intent of the Creator for life everlastingly unfolding.   

Gathering in dialogue with friends serious about grandmothering allchildren, holds the potential for our becoming the active presence of voice to intuition, courage to conscience, and congruence with the intent of the Creator of all.  

Reflection, intentional dialogue and prayerful questioning are the means by which we can prepare ourselves to hear when our hearts are being spoken to… to hear the voice of wisdom.  

Trade in hurry, worry, busyness and ‘problems to solve’… forreflection, dialogue, intuition, and ‘potential to see.’ 

Educating the children is incomplete without developing compassionate heart and wisdom mind to guide the intellect.  

Absent a heart formed by and vessel for all-inclusive love; absent a wisdom mind of wholeness and oneness; intellect goes astray, taking earth and the children along.  

The truth of each child having potential embedded within leads to seeing true educating as harmoniously balancing the drawing out of potential with the pouring in of knowledge.   

At this time – when it comes to the children, all children of living earth – there is but one river of life.  There are no separate streams, no ideological islands of refuge.  

Let’s stop participating in the endless, destructive and fruitless ideological wars of ‘for and against’. If love is not present in the process – in our processes – love will not be present in the outcome.  

Each child is a gift from the Creator… imbued by the Creator with potential – intended to be manifested on this earth at this time.   

Through the eyes of intentional grandmothering, we become increasingly able to “see” the potential imbedded within each child and within all children… potential intended to be realized on this earth at this time.  

An inspirited future for the children can only occur within the flourishing, truly vital and viable, living earth.   

Through intuition – the intuition of wholeness – comes a seeing of truth… an understanding of the intimate inseparability of the wholeness of the children with the wholeness of life.   

From the perspective that we take on when grandmothering both the children and living earth, we see… *that the world of our culture’s making is diminishing the inspirited life of the children; *that the future life of all children and the future life of earth, are inextricably and forever intentionally interrelated.  Hence creating a culture that works for all children in the world is the critical work of now… for the children and for living earth.   

Ultimately, what works for all children in the world works for the living earth… and what works for the living earth works for all children in the world.   

Grandmothering with intentionality takes us beyond the precious moments with the children, and into dialogue… particularly dialogue with others who are also taking on the all-inclusive grandmothering role… intentional dialogue aimed at creating the culture that earth and the children now need.  

Obviously, all work for all children culture creating dialoguing calls for all-inclusive love being present in our processes.

Children are not a problem to solve; children are potential to unfold.  In and through the process of unfolding potential, spirit is manifested… and a spirit manifested is available forever and to all.  

Choose a path of potential… a path of longingly seeing, understanding and enabling the intended unfolding of the unique essence virtue embedded within each and within all.

Coming from the perspective of potential – not problem – totally shifts how we see the world… and how we see our work in the world.  

Earth was not created for humankind; humankind was created for living earth.   

Earth was not created for humankind – for humankind to exploit, to diminish the vitality of.  Humankind was created for living earth, to become the Creator’s helper in the intended unfolding and everlasting life on and through earth.   

Earth was created for life to have a place to enter into the working of the creation.   

Life itself has purpose; and we, like other members of earth’s life community, also have purpose – intended work and role in the working and ongoingness of life’s processes on earth.   

How do we help the children with their potential realizing, spirit manifesting work? All-inclusive grandmothering is a way to begin… a role each and all can hold in heart and mind while taking up the work of our calling – recognizing that all products we produce, and the processes we use to produce them, ultimately impact the life of the children… and of living earth itself.  

When intentional grandmothering is truly working – when grandmothering becomes a vessel for all-inclusive love – all who enter that space feel called to experience life, build soul, discover purpose and manifest spirit.   

What earth and all children now need is wisdom leading our thinking.  Intentional grandmothering creates the space – the space of and for all-inclusive love – space where wisdom enters.   

The greatest wisdom of this time is to work for all children in the world… calling for a grassroots community process.

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from; and ultimately what we create, bring into existence.   

Now is the time for seeing, understanding and developing an intentional perspective that embraces the whole of the truth of our livingness, our humanness, our spiritual beingness.    

For the work now before us – creating cultures that work for all children in the world – there is no ideological perspective, no ideology, that is whole enough, complete enough, truthful enough.  Thus, the necessity for a perspective that embraces the wholeness of the truth of who we are, and for a philosophy that is whole enough and complete enough for the work – the living philosophy of potential, a life philosophy that works for all children in the world.

The work of the living philosophy of potential is to organize our hearts and minds for the work now before us, work calling for intuition of wholeness and embedded essence… organizing heart and mind for our seeing the intent and intended ways embedded by the Source/Creator/Father of all… embedded within the Word and the Works.

If all-inclusive love is not present in the process – in our processes – all-inclusive love will not be present in the outcome.   

Who are we?  We are… we are spiritual beings… a people of and from the Spirit who have been intentionally, not accidentally, brought into the life processes of earth as living human spiritual beings.   

Terry P. Anderson & Sandra Maslow Smith

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