Compassion… The Necessity for the Compassion of Equality

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 Suffering is to love…

As organic matter is to vitalizing life.

There is a Source… an Inentionality behind the whole of all.

Earth was created for life to have a place to enter into the working of the universe.

Love is essential… to the ongoing, upward. enfolding, unfolding eternalizing of life on and through earth.

We, as living human spiritual beings, are intended to be vessels for love entering into the life processes of earth… and to become instruments for vitalizing life on this earth.

Becoming vessels for love entering, instruments for life, requires the exercising of free will conscious choice… a potential inherently, intentionally present within our humanness… An authentic yes on our part.  A manifestation of our having faith in – putting our faith in – intent… faith in essential truths.

Love is essential to the ongoing, upward, enfolding, unfolding eternalizing of life on and through the earth.

In the absence of free will conscious, conscientious choice; an authentic yes to all-inclusive love entering through us into the working of the world… where will compassion. the compassion of equality, come from… the compassion present within the questioning statement:

“Look at me…

What do you see…

Other? or Brother?”

All for now, Terry P. Anderson

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