A Time for Love Entering and Wisdom Leading; Facebook Posts Nov-Dec 2018

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Now is the time of potential… a time for love entering and wisdom leading.

When all-inclusive grandmothering is truly working – being a vessel for all-inclusive love – all who enter that Grandmothering space feel called to build soul, discover purpose and manifest spirit.

A significant aspect of women’s reality today is our intuitively seeing the path our culture is on, and its hazardous consequences for living earth and all children.

Each child born into this world is intended to become whole as a person and to create wholeness in the developmental cycles of life.

By creating sacred spaces, places free from the divisiveness of today’s culture and the addictive energies of the world of its making, we are enabling the children (and ourselves) to become whole as persons, and prepared for the work of creating wholeness in the purposeful cycles of life.

Humankind is intentionally and purposefully created as a member of earth’s life community, intended to be vessel for love entering and instrument for life nourishing.

Ever since “the garden,” we have separated ourselves from earth’s life community, and mistakenly taken dominion as meaning “power over.”  The outcome of our taking this world view threatens living earth and all its members, particularly the hopeful future of the children.  The original intent was and remains that of our taking a role in the Creator’s everlasting life work on this earth.

All life comes from one common Source; each member of life has a unique calling. We, humankind, are unique in our having free will conscious choice.  We are free to answer yes or no to our calling.

Our calling, the work of our heart, work essential to fulfilling our living purpose and manifesting our spirit, is intuitively see-able and innerly knowable.

Each child is an essential element, intended to play a unique role in sustaining the unfolding creative processes of the web of life. Take up pursuits in ways that work for all children in the world.

The capacity for women’s intuition is foundational to developing the intuition of essence… intuition of essence being that which enables our seeing the unique essence in the one, and also the essential creative processes in the whole of the web of life.

Each person is created with the potential of becoming fully, truly and wholly human – becoming a unique living vessel for the entry and flow of love into the whole of creation.

Taking on an intentional role is a way of stepping onto the path of becoming a vessel for all-inclusive love.  For example, holding in heart and mind, the role of all-inclusive grandmothering as we engage in our daily interactions… no matter the subject of our focus or work, whether children are present or not.

I always find the comment, “we are only human,” to be disconcerting.  The truth is we have yet to become fully and truly human as intended – vessels for the Creator’s love entering life… instruments for nourishing living earth.  SM Smith

Now is the time of potential… a time for love, all-inclusive love, entering the process… love entering into the working of the world.

All-inclusive love present in the process makes possible the fulfilling of living purpose and the manifesting of spirit in harmonious congruence with the intent of the Creator – the intent for each life, the intent for the whole of earthly life.

The end of time is the beginning of potential…  a time for manifesting spirit in eternalizing of life on and through the earth ways.

Children are the future generation; they bring with them – within their essence and uniqueness – the Creator’s intent for their essential part in the intended eternal ongoingness of living earth.

Now is the time of potential… a time for saying yes to called work… as a person, as a community, as a people.

The end of time is the beginning of potential…  a time for creating cultures that work for all children… all children in the world.

The uniqueness we experience in a child is their personal manifestation of the essence pattern of potential – essence virtue – embedded by the Creator when life entered.

Now is the time of potential… a time for creating cultures that embrace the intentionality present within our being created as living human spiritual beings.

Each child enters this world with living purpose and intention given by, embedded by, the Creator. And, being created human, we have choice… we can choose to see our purpose, choose to answer “Yes.”

Now is the time of potential… a time for creating cultures that work in ethical, value adding ways – in virtue sourced, essence based, value adding ways.

The end of time is the beginning of potential… the beginning of a time for realizing the potential that Christ makes possible through perfecting his work on this earth.

Intuition, reflection and prayerful questioning, combined with choosing “Thy Will” and letting go of my will, enable our “seeing” essence, and creating love-in-the-process ways for its unfolding.

Essence is see-able, not through our eyes, but through what we “see” with the heart… when taking time, and finding a wisdom space for reflection and intuitive “seeing.”

With love in the process, intentional grandmothering draws out the unique essence of each child while holding in heart all children in the world, and holding in mind the intended eternal vitality of living earth.

We are living in the beginning of an era shift.  The last era shift was at the time Christ entered.  Now is the time of potential, the time of and for realizing the potential Christ made possible by perfecting his work – actualizing all-inclusive love in the process, working for all children, making life whole. Christ perfected his work so that we, too, can perfect our work.

Christ perfected his work so that we, too, can perfect our work:

  • Moving towards wholeness… embracing the whole of the truth of our having been created as living human spiritual beings…
  • Becoming increasingly intentional – more and more in harmony with the ways of life, the ways of love…
  • Systemically manifesting spirit through called work, our work within life; our work as living human spiritual beings…
  • Becoming fully, truly, systemically human… vessels for love entering, instruments for eternalizing life… joining in the work of the Source.

Love, not unlike gravity, is eternally present. Regardless of our beliefs and actions, love is eternally present, continuously seeking to enter through us into the working of the world.

Life is cyclical in its processes… systemic in its working… wholistic in its organizing.  Life works in reciprocally nourishing, non-hierarchical ways.  Most simply: the buffalo eats the grass; the grass eats the buffalo.

We are living human spiritual beings.  Our spiritual beingness is the process vessel for to love of the Source entering through us into the working of the world.

There is a Source, one Common Source of each, all and everything.

  • We are not the source.
  • We – person, community, ideological group, nation, etc. – are not the source.
  • We – Washington, Hollywood, the News, etc. – are not the source.
  • We are intended vessels for love entering life and instruments for eternalizing life nourishing.

Embedded potential lies within and emerges through the unique essence of each child.

Reflection and intentional dialogue enable “seeing” potential embedded within.

The urgent work now before us: taking up all pursuits in ways that make life whole, work for all children in the world, and speak for living earth.

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