Leader, Leading

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During a recent conversation, the notion of leader, what should be leading our thinking, came up.  Some ongoing reflection on this conversation has brought forth some thoughts…

Whereas it is common, especially in times like these, to turn our thoughts to leader… the need for, to look for leader – one who would lead us to a better place. Equally critical, and in some ways, more critical, is to get clear about what should be leading our thinking.  Especially critical given the systemic nature of thought and approach required for resolution of the issues facing humankind and life on earth.  And too, the need for our thinking to embrace the intentionality present within who we are: living human spiritual beings.  And also, reflect an understanding of how life works: Life is cyclical in its processes… systemic in its working… wholistic in its organizing.  It works in reciprocally nourishing, non-hierarchical, ways.  Most simply: the buffalo eats the grass; the grass eats the buffalo.

Holding this in mind what has emerged is a systemic (three term system) image of intent, wisdom and ethics… a systemic pattern of thought that should be leading our thinking.

Now, if when we contemplate leader, an image of savior, comes to mind; it is useful to remember that this role is already filled.  However, what is open, in this regard, is love, all-inclusive love… the intent for us to love one another all-inclusively… the love that makes all things possible.  Seeing love as that which brings wholeness to the systemic triad of intent, wisdom, and ethics brings both realness and hope to that which we will be led from and towards.

All for now, Terry P. Anderson

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