The Prayer of Intuitive Wisdom

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Terry Anderson’s recent writing, “Reflections on Initiating an Era Shift,” ended with the words of a Hopi grandmother, Wisdom enters the world through women; men take it up as power. Which we can image as…

Wisdom enters the world through intuitive processing; reason takes it up as power.  

As I reflected on these words in the context of initiating an era shift, the following images flooded forth…

Oh, that we, the women, might ever remember this!  Only love in the process leads to opening hearts to wisdom entering.  One cannot use ‘power over’ to achieve a place, a right, for wisdom entering.  Legality, rights and economics will never shift the heart and mind to ethicality, dignity and potential.  The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from ultimately determines what we create, what we bring into the world.  As a spirited young woman once declared… “One thing I know is true, God did not make my heart to hate.”

The shift to the time of potential, the shift to the era of potential, is shifting from actualizing the Christ process, to realizing the process Christ actualized.  Christ, by and through perfecting the work he was given that he should do, actualized the intended process of humankind:  vessel for all-inclusive love entering, instrument for fulfilling the intentional will of the Father.  Now is the time of potential, the time of and for our becoming fully and truly human – authentically human… the time for realizing the potential Christ made actual… the time for our joining in community with others… community becoming vessel for love entering, community becoming instrument for realizing the intentional will of the Father… yessing called work, yessing creating a culture that works for all children.

All of which begins with the metanoia, yessing the change in heart and mind.

Sandra Maslow Smith


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