Reflections on “Initiating an Era Shift”

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 Reflecting on the reflection, “Initiating an Era Shift.”  Yes, the pattern is present, perhaps eternally present with regard to earth, its intentional purpose.  Present within is that the era shift metanoia – heart and mind change – requires a particular manifestation of wisdom – a philosophy… the heart and mind organizing power of philosophy… that which is required for the wholeness of the truth/intentional truth necessary to be grasped – to be embraced – for the work, the particular work of now.

Reflecting further this morning brought forth an image of earth as a virtue sourced essence based value adding process within the universe – a reflection of earth being created as a place for life to enter into the working of the universe… an intentional manifestation.  I could see: virtue being the intentionality present within life and love; essence based being all-inclusiveness; and value adding process being realizing the potential of each, all, and everything.  And within this the necessity for called work, creating cultures that work for all children in the world – humankind’s vesselness, and instrumentality – and further, seeing reciprocally nourishing economics as a pattern congruent with the reciprocally nourishing ways of life… our creating harmonious congruence with the intended ways of life, within the human community, through reciprocally nourishing processes/economics.

And now, as I write, seeing that the essence of the Source is intent… intentionality present, woven within, and manifested through the processes of love and life.  Thus, to be of and from the Source is to be and become intentional.  Our being created in the image and likeness of the Source lies, at essence, in our ableness to be and become intentional… a vessel for love entering, an instrument for nourishing life.

And yes, preparation always precedes the initiation – we see this in Mary, in Christ… preparation involving a desert, poor in spirit, experience… preparing – developing the ableness – for an authentic yes… a willful, receptive to Thy Will yes… a true manifestation of free will conscious choice.

Perhaps an unusual way to end, but the words of the Hopi grandmother have entered:

Wisdom enters the world through women; men take it up as power.

Terry P. Anderson

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