Initiating an Era Shift

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 The end of time is the beginning of potential; the end of coming from existence is the beginning of coming from potential – from intent.  We are now living in an era shift, the shift to the era of potential, shifting from ‘coming from below’ to ‘coming from above’ – coming from the intentional will of the Source of each, all and everything.

My morning reflections on the initiating process of an era shift led to recalling the process of John the Baptist (ref. LK: 1 and 3)… his calling – his essence virtue – embedded when life entered: Turn hearts to the children and minds to the wisdom of virtuousness.  And, once able to answer “Yes” to his era-initiating role, the word of God came to John in the desert… leading to his taking on the work of proclaiming repentance – metanoia.

Metanoia – think in a new way – always comes with an era change… the birthing process of an era shift.  No “think in a new way;” no era shift.

Advancing of humanness – the upward shift to a new era – begins to be made real with choice, the choice to think – heart and mind – a new way… changing heart and mind.

An era shift – advancing our humanness – only becomes possible in harmony with the intentional will of the Source.  The era shift initiating word of the Source comes in the desert… a place/space of total stillness/emptiness of my wish, my desire, my will, my way… total openness to Thou, to Thy Will.

Those who must initiate, begin the process of, the era shift – declare ‘think in a new way’ – do not understand, need not understand, the whole of the whole.

Sandra Maslow Smith

This writing began a dialogue through writing, including the following…

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