About the future of all children…

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I recently received a letter from a friend who expressed heartfelt concern over whether the future will be one of freedom and peace.  This concern is stirring across this country and beyond… particularly concern about the future of our children, of all children in the world.  One thing is certain: we cannot solve our problems with the same heart/mind that created them.  Before us – as person, community, people of earth – lies the work of changing our hearts and minds. Such change is both a choice and a process, a grassroots process… not something that can be legislated, forced, dictated, etc.

Our Work for All Children website (www.pathofpotential.org) is dedicated to serving the now-needed grassroots process of taking up all pursuits in ways that come from potential and work for all children in the world…  intuitively-led grassroots process aimed at developing mind and heart:

Leading our thinking with the intuitive wisdom of essence and wholeness,

Becoming vessel for all-inclusive love entering life…

Enabling our taking on essential roles in creating a more hopeful future for all children in the world and the living earth upon which they depend.

It is my hope that you will browse our website, and that you find it to be ongoingly helpful as your particular role in this essential work increases in clarity.

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