Being Fruitful; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #45

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Being Fruitful

Three essential processes for our being fruitful… as intended…

+  Manifesting essence virtue… essence virtue being uniquely present within the one, but common to all.

+  Taking up called work… each and all, the community of humankind, having called work – a purpose, role, work beyond self – encompassing, through systemic ways, the whole of humanity, the whole of life.

+  Being compassionate… as a person, but particularly essential at this time is our being compassionate as a community.  It is the compassion of equality that is being called for now. 

A compassionate community is a community that works for all children in the world… a community that turns away from the power-over and control pursuits of rules and judgement, and moves towards love and mercy.

Terry P. Anderson

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