Reflections on Dying to the Ego Self; Letters from the Dock #21

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Reflections on Dying to the Ego Self

Dear Friends,

For the past three or four Living Beatitude Dialogues on the dock, we have been building an image – and therefore understanding – of dying to the ego self… imaging which began with our reading and dialoguing the writing, “Some Thoughts Evoked by Reflections on the Prayer to the Father”.  Unfolding out of this processing, we developed “Our Community Prayer,” based on the familiar to many, Prayer of St Francis.  Our Community Prayer has become our opening prayer for our gatherings.

Both the paper and prayer were held in mind as we read and reflected together on some teachings of Christ found in John 12:24-28.  As is often the case, the interaction and imaging led us to remembering other words of Christ (their source is noted next to the text itself).  Below you will find the scripture in italics and the images evoked through our dialoguing this scripture in regular type. You will recall that for seeing the intended ways of authentic humanness, we are working together to see the process, the living process of Christ.  When we see Christ as process, the process of Christ, the work – our work in the here and now – shows up.


If not the grain of wheat falling to the earth dies, it alone remains…

Unless the crust of ego dies, the ego alone remains… the ego remains alone, separate from life and love.

But if it dies, much fruit it bears…

These words bringing to mind, the last words in the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi: “For it is in dying to the self, that we are born to life eternalizing.”

The first beatitude, Blessed are the poor in spirit (MT 5:3), comes to mind.  The poor in spirit being those dying to self, dying to the ego self, no longer being organized by ego, by the world of existence.  The poor in spirit open themselves to being born from above… born of the Spirit (JN 3:3,5).  Breaking the crust of ego, the essence virtue self is born, the self that is intended to manifest particular work at this time, work fed by love; work in harmonious congruence with intended ways of life… the essence virtue self being organized from above.

St Francis of Assisi saw this: die to all ego self, born to joining the Father’s eternalizing life work on this earth.

The one loving the life of him loses it; and the one hating the life of him in this world, will keep it to life everlasting…

The one loving the ego-crusted, the ego-organized life, loses experiencing life… loses experiencing the whole of the truth of earthly life, and loses access to the essence virtue within.  The one hating the ego crust takes up the work of manifesting essence virtue at this time on this earth as intended; and will keep the essence virtue manifesting into life everlasting.

Blessed are the poor in spirit…

Blessed are those who die to the ego… for they are born to the everlasting life work of the Father… they will bear much fruit.  They have returned to Original Intent. They are working for Thy Will – the Will of the Father of Life. They have entered the Kingdom of the Father on this earth, working for life eternalizing… that Kingdom being the essence virtues no longer crusted by ego, working in community, their essence virtues being manifested in harmonious congruence with the essence virtue of the Son (all-inclusive love entering) and the essence intent of the Father (life eternalizing).  Becoming community vessel for all-inclusive love entering, essential to becoming community instrument for life eternalizing. They are born again, born of the Spirit, born from above.

If anyone serves me, let him follow me; where I am, there also the servant of me will be.  If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.  What may I say? Father Save me out of this hour?  But because of this I came to this hour.  Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cast out…

The ruler of this world… the ego that builds false hierarchies, false self images, false spirits, artificial experiences of life, of love, of truth, of good.  Dying to the ego self, beginning from poor in spirit, completing the path of the beatitudic process carried to its fullness, casts out the ruler of this world… a new path, a new way… the way of truth and life, the way of all-inclusive love entering, faith in the truth of the Spirit, the way of Thy Will – eternalizing life – being done on this earth at this time.

Since leaving the Garden, we – humankind – have had the presence of ego… formed by the reasoning mind of existence, taking life as its (versus God’s) dominion… choosing the reasoning mind of existence leading thinking over the wisdom mind of the Creator of all… over the Original Intent of the Creator.

Christ, by completing his work, gave us the process of and for casting out all ego… opened the path of essence (soul) returning to the Source… the way of spirit manifesting… Christ put everything in its place for our returning to Original Intent.

Serve me, follow me… and the ruler of this world shall be (ongoingly) cast outYet a little time the Light is with you.  Walk while you have the Light, that darkness not overtake you, and the one walking in the darkness knows not where he is going. While you have Light, believe into the Light, that sons of Light you may become.

Ego is a crust, covering over the essence virtue intentionally embedded within… closing out “seeing” intent and intended ways, closing out the path given us by Christ to follow. Without which, we walk in the dark. Believe in the Light. Believe Christ is the path and process… the beatitudic process… follow this Light… the Light of the world… that you may become sons and daughters of the Father, Creator, Source of all.

I have come a light into the world that everyone believing into me in darkness may not abide.

The ego ruling our world, our inner world, we dwell in darkness.  Christ is the light, the way, the truth of the intended process of life… of the intended ongoing unfolding virtue manifesting way of life… virtue being truth of intent embedded by the Father of life… systemically related to all life… enfolded by the Father, revealed by the Spirit, intended to be unfolded by and through following the process of Christ… the intended – from the beginning – process of humankind as an intended member of living earth… the intended beatitudic process put in place so that we would become able to glorify the Father by entering his kingdom, taking up/joining in Thy Will being done… on this earth (MT 6:10) at this time.

You are from below; I am from above.  You are from this world; I am not from this world (JN 8:23).

Understanding Christ’s message is totally dependent upon organizing oneself from above.  If we fight the ego, we have already lost:  The ego way is fighting, divisiveness, power-over, etc.  The way of Christ is vessel for all-inclusive love entering, instrument for life eternalizing; disciplining oneself for that.  Disciplining oneself to come from above… and having faith the Spirit enters and speaks to us (Ref JN 3:8)… teaching us all things and reminding us of all that Christ said to us (Ref JN14:26).

Humbly in service, Sandra Maslow Smith

Intentionally grandmothering a hopeful future for all children.

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