Being Fruitful; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #30

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Meditations on Realizing Potential…

Being Fruitful

Being fruitful…

Living and working in advancing humanness, nourishing life ways.

Taking up the vessel forming work – all-inclusive love entering vessel forming work – of creating a culture that works for all children in the world.

Honoring and enabling the systemic wholeness, systemic working of life processes – the processes of earth, of ourselves.

A heartless mind is not able to bear fruit… heartless mind being the fig tree that Christ cursed for bearing no fruit.


Life provides a process for Thy Will to ongoingly enter into the working of the unfolding universe…

Earth provides a place for life to enter into the working of the world…

Will enters the world to sustain the possibility of oneness – oneness of and with the Eternal One, the Source of all…

As life, the vitality of life, our livingness, diminishes; so too does the possibility of oneness of and with the Source. Also diminishing is wholeness – wholeness within the Source, and within that which emanates from the Source…  all of which diminishes the possibility of Thy Will being done in/on this earth.

As living human beings, we share the intentionality of our being and becoming an instrument of the Source of life – having work and role with regard to the ongoingness, eternalizing of life on and through the earth; and the necessity for becoming a vessel for love entering into the working of the world.  At this time of potential, love being all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world.

Three essential processes for our being fruitful… as intended…

+  Manifesting essence virtue… uniquely present within the one, but common to all.

+  Taking up called work… each and all, the community of humankind having called work – a purpose, role, work beyond self, encompassing through systemic ways the whole of humanity, the whole of life.

+  Being compassionate… as a person, but particularly essential at this time is our being compassionate as a community.  It is the compassion of equality that is being called for now.

Compassion – being compassionate – is the process of forming and nourishing soul… a process of nourishing soul making, soul returning – the coming to the Father process lifted up by Christ.  As compassion diminishes, so too does soul.  Diminishing compassion turns us towards false images, away from worshipping in spirit and truth as the Father seeks (JN 4)… a turning towards and away from process captured in the image of ” selling one’s soul.”  A compassionate community is a community that works for all children in the world… a community that turns away from the power over and control pursuits of rules and judgement, and moves towards love and mercy.

Fruitfulness is a process of realizing the potential of our having been intentionally created as living human beings.  Our being fruitful ultimately calls upon our having faith in intent… faith in the real – the intended.

Humbly in service, Terry p. Anderson

A developer of the living philosophy of potential