The Returning to the Path of Original Intent Process; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #29

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The Returning to the Path of Original Intent Process

Meditating on Realizing Potential

Some added clarity – perhaps seeing again for the first time – regarding our work – the work of humankind – is emerging… seeing the work in the context of focusing on “returning to the path of original intent”…

+ Christ, through completing the work for which he was sent, and returning to the Father by way of manifesting spirit, re-established the path of original intent with regard to ourselves/humankind – the free will conscious choice beings who said no to original intent… a no that led to the unintended, yet necessary, path of salvation.  He not only re-established the path/process of original intent, but also put in place the way, the process for us to say yes, to return to the unfolding path of original intent… the inner processing required for our returning: the way, the truth and the life for returning to the Father – the Source of life and love.

The living philosophy of potential enables the organizing of heart and mind for our returning… for saying yes, for taking up the returning work, and the intended becoming work – the work of our becoming vessels for love entering, and instruments for life eternalizing… for accessing and manifesting essence virtue and called work.

Image a circle – the cycle of intentional work made visible and follow-able by Christ.  In the center, are written the words, “path of original intent.”  Along that circle, that cycle, are spin-in cycles of work, cycles that in imagery look like a spinning towards the center… a spinning in, returning to the path of intent process.  We have come to, are coming to see, the Beatitudes, the Our Father (the Lord’s Prayer to the Father), the Gospel, and the intended ways of working of Life – systemic wholeness, reciprocal nourishment – as that which we need to intuitively see and understand, to innerly process, to return us to authentically saying yes… yes to the path of original intent, in the manner of Christ, saying yes to taking up the work for which we are sent, and to joining in the eternalizing of life work of the Father.

+ Put the process in place and reason – the reasoning mind of existence – will follow.  Critical to creating such is the inner organizing and intentional orienting that comes about through the inner processing, community inner processing, of the Beatitudes; the wholistic process seeing of intent (versus reasoned interpretation) of the Gospel; and the going forward intentional praying (versus prayers of petition) of the Our Father… all of which requires, looks to, intentional dialoguing.  And we have come to see that all-inclusive love entering is absolute in terms of making the intended possible.  These then, seem to be what might, at some future date be referred to as:

In the beginning of humankind’s return to the path of original intent, there was much inner processing, seeing and understanding brought about through intentional dialoguing, accessing and developing the intuition of wholeness, the intuitive mind of essence, developing hearts and minds for the work… inner processing that looked to the Beatitudes, the Gospel, the Our Father, the seeing of the beauty and wisdom of Life; which was followed by an ever deepening seeing and understanding of the intentional ways of working of life, and our work and role with regard to that.

+  A working premise: Life members, outside of humankind – the free will conscious choice beings – will self-orient towards intentionality – towards systemic wholeness, reciprocal nourishment.  Our work, the work of humankind, is to live in, bring about, ever increasing harmonious congruence within our ways and with the intentional ways of working of life on this earth… to weave ourselves into becoming systemic members within the whole of life.  At this time, there is both “arrest run down” work – stop disenabling the systemic working of life; and “enable run up” work – return to systemic wholeness, reciprocal nourishment ways of life (see “Rekindling the Process Fire of Developmental Work”).  Both of which require a shift away from the structural, hierarchical – predator/prey, food chain, linearity, dominion – notions of the reasoning mind of existence; and a shift towards systemic seeing, creating and development – of intentional ways of life, of ourselves as members in the larger community of life.

+  The called for focus on our returning to the path of original intent is the realizing of potential, the potential of the work that has been completed – the work completed by Christ, and the work/process that we have completed/have underway – the work of developing the living philosophy of potential, the living philosophy of intent.  “Returning to the path of original intent” significantly shifts the common context from which we – humankind – have looked at the Beatitudes, the Gospel, the Our Father, and Life – our being woven in, versus separate from life.  And, perhaps most significant is the realization that this is not about salvation, about going to heaven – in particular the structured image most commonly held – no, not that, but truly returning to the path of original intent:  coming from above – not going to above; the coming of the kingdom, Thy Will being done in/on earth – the fulfilling of the vision present within the going forward prayer to the Father.  A returning that, like all creating, begins with processes… processes that sustain their potential through systems.  The culture that “works for all my children in the world,” seemingly being the living system to sustain our presence on the path of original Intent.  And finally, the circle depicting the cycle of Christ’s work, and the spin in process representing our returning to original intent… the realizing of our potential, manifesting essence virtue, spirit manifesting work… our/humankind’s work, with regard to the eternalizing of life work of the Father, clearly depicts the focus on and context for that which is to unfold now… all of which moves us towards eternal oneness and wholeness.

Obviously, this is an image – sketch or trace – of the path, not a detailed depiction; but hopefully one that brings some useful seeing in the context of our returning to the path of original intent – the path of realizing potential embedded within.

Humbly in service, Terry P. Anderson

 A Developer of the Living Philosophy of Potential