Renewing our Path in Vitalizing Ways; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #27

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Renewing our Path in Vitalizing Ways

A reflective coalescence of one’s path of work is both satisfying and integrating. And it is useful to remember that all preceding work is preparation for the work unfolding before us: The process work of creating a hopeful future for the children – all the children in the world; the systemic work of creating a culture that works for all children in the world…

A culture that recognizes we are all children of the one and the same Source, each having an embedded essence virtue, a gift to bring; and called work – spirit manifesting work, the called work of now, the work that requires we…

Embrace the whole of the truth of the Source – the Source of love, of life,

Embrace the essence of the teachings of Christ – If love is not present in the process, it will not be present in the outcome –  and

Embrace the whole of the truth of ourselves – our intentional livingness, our intentional humanness.

May the unfolding intentional work of each and all continue to be a deeper, more whole, more complete expression of truth, and an increasingly authentic manifestation of spirit.

Humbly in service, Terry P. Anderson

A developer of the living philosophy of potential

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