The Beatitude Process for Community Becoming Vessel for Love Entering; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #26

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The Beatitude Process for Community Becoming Vessel for Love Entering

Reflections after a Living Beatitude Dialogue on the Dock

Dear Friends,

Here is the flow of last Saturday’s (4-22-2017) Living Beatitude dialogue on the dock.  A bit of a summary for those of us who were together… and, if you missed our gathering, I hope you will follow along with us in reflection, or join with a friend to dialogue as we did.

We began with reading aloud “An Unfolding Story of Realization… Realizing Intended Potential, pp. 67-70, from the book, Intentional Grandmothering … and reflected how this writing deepens our understanding of “A Time for Worshiping in Spirit and Truth” , which we have been processing all month.

All of which led to discussion of how living from the images that come through intentional reading and dialoguing, with love in the process and faith in intent, leads to the ableness to create a different being in the moment, a presence in the now, and a seeing of intended ways. When the subject of having faith in intent drew us, we turned to “A Time for Worshiping in Spirit and Truth” and read aloud, the last paragraph, the one that begins, “Having faith in intent…” 

Reading both of these writings brought us to once again reflecting on the Creator having embedded free will conscious choice within the human; He must have known what a mess we would make of its use, etc.  And then our imaging gave us a glimmer of the uniqueness of humankind in that we can embrace and live with the allness of humanity in heart, and wholeness of life in mind…  can consciously choose to join the Father’s work… neither of which do we find ourselves – humanity – doing in a spirit-led way at present.

We then turned to “Some Thoughts Evoked by Reflecting on the Prayer to the Father” .  We were quite excited and amazed at the truth there is in ego leading us away from the Source… and how we live almost totally in the ego and not in the spirit; the ego mind having created our culture; and culture works… and how the ego and all its desires, needs, wants, its need for control, etc., keep the mind so busy that there is no space for reflection, dialogue, prayerful questioning, appreciating life, experiencing life… no quiet for intuition of essence to access the seeing of intent and intended ways, for seeing the virtue embedded within… no quiet for developing eyes that can see and ears that can hear.

We then began processing the beatitudes, using the writing “Love God, Love One Another, Work, and Faith in Intent… Returning to Original Intent. We read aloud and dialogued our way through the Beatitudes, beginning with Blessed are the communities poor in spirit, then flowing clockwise; seeing the beatitudes working as a system, making visible the essentiality of community, living them forming a community vessel for all-inclusive love entering. Seeing/realizing the inner work called for by living the beatitudes as a systemic ongoing upwardly unfolding process bringing clarity to the essentiality of having faith in intent.

Obviously, we need to come back to this community entering into beatitude process at our next Living Beatitude dialogue gathering.  In the meantime, we are increasingly clear we must, with faith in intent, create a living presence of love in the process, and take up the initiating role of intentional grandmothering, particularly awakening the children to the truth of the Spirit entering, and our – each and all – having spirit manifesting work.

Throughout the morning, we often returned to reflecting on how, when we take on this living philosophy of potential, and work to organize our being with the conscience awakening words, if love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome, it almost seems like the world around us becomes quiet.  All there is, is the now.  No memory of the past; no worries about the future.  A quiet not before experienced.  The quiet of living in the world, but not being of the world. A quiet that makes possible Spirit entering, and leads to our manifesting spirit.

And while processing the first four beatitudes, we could see that when Christ was washing the feet of the disciples, he was showing us the example of taking hierarchy out of the process… that which is essential to living “one Source; all else equal in essence,” the way of living without ego organizing our thinking and being.

All in all, it was quite a morning!  We all came away feeling reciprocally nourished.  Truly, truly, community is the smallest whole.

All for now, Sandra

Sandra Maslow Smith

Intentionally Grandmothering a Hopeful Future for the Children

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