Some Thoughts Evoked by Reflections on the Prayer to the Father; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #24

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Some Thoughts Evoked by

Reflections on the Prayer to the Father

The following is food for reflection and intentional dialogue…  For further development of these thoughts, see “Love God, Love One Another, Work, and Faith in Intent” .

Deliver us from evil…

All evil begins with ego.

Ego began forming when we innerly left Original Intent –

Embracing reason over wisdom.

Embracing dominion over life/over living earth, rather than our intended eternalizing life work.

Thy kingdom come…

Kingdom of heaven is that which displaces ego.

Turning away from Original Intent, we turned away from forming soul and turned to forming the egotistical mind of existence… to my will, my desires, my dominion over life and earth.

An ego-organized process creates an ego culture.

Ego-organized processes move us towards diminishing humanness.  Only love has the power to bring about a shift in being, an advancing of humanness… only love can shift humankind to a “coming from above”-organized process that works for a hopeful future for all children, and for the ongoingness of life itself.  Pope Francis recently expressed his understanding of this when he said the now need is to shift from rules and judgment to love and mercy.

Terry P. Anderson & Sandra Maslow Smith

Developers of the living philosophy of potential

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