All-Inclusive Love Entering – An Illness Process; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #22

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All-Inclusive Love Entering – An Allness Process

As is not uncommon in our work, reflecting on a particular writing evokes further questioning – a seeking of deeper understanding with regard to the here and unfolding now.  This writing emerges from questioning by a friend regarding vesselness… vesselness for love entering.

There is a Source, an intentional Source of all… Source of Love and Life.

+  An intentionality that we are to be in communion, in harmonious congruence with the Source…

in communion and in harmony with the Source through work… essence virtue, called work – called versus instinctive for us, given that we have free will conscious choice; thus the need to conscientiously choose.

+  The essence of intended ways of working of life on this earth is systemic wholeness.  All living creatures, except us, when acting from “my will” pursuits, work in ways that sustain systemic wholeness… with some instinctive, self-serving, self-indulging pursuits.  But never the less enabling systemic wholeness in an upward enfolding-unfolding process of life.

 +  We are now being called to return to the path of original intent – return to that for which we were saved.  Called to return to the path of original intent, take up our work, manifest essence virtue… take up our spirit manifesting work – embed spirit within the unfolding processes of life, spirit accessible to all forever.

+  Critical at this time is the entry of all-inclusive love – that which we are not capable of, but are intended vessels for.

+  As to whether or not we are the only possible vessels for all-inclusive love entering… we lack the understanding to be absolute about. There is a uniqueness of each and all.  All-inclusive love entering through us into our working will undoubtedly be a unique process, yet to be experienced… a process yet to be experienced among ourselves and certainly within the whole of life.

+  There is a particular human uniqueness regarding conscious choice – we are clear that we can conscientiously choose.  We only have to reflect upon our experience as a person, as a community, to validate that.  Now many would say that if we had ears that could hear, eyes that could see, we would be able to tune into the “cries” of our fellow creatures of life as they relate to the stresses we are imposing upon the life processes of the living earth.  However, a people who have yet to consciously and conscientiously hear the cries of their own – all the children of the world – are not likely to be able to tune into the whole of life…  not likely to hear, to see, the truth lifted up by fellow creatures of life.  It is important to remember that all-inclusive love is an allness process… one requiring that we hold deep within heart and mind, all the children in the world, not just our immediate own.

+  This reality, and the work now before us – creating a hopeful future for all the children in the world – require the exercising of conscientiousness, consciously choosing; and the development of that which is inherently present within – our being and becoming vessels for all-inclusive love entering.

Perhaps one day it will be clear in the manner alluded to, lifted up by, Francis of Assisi who often saw himself as a worm –  a creature of the systemic wholeness of the living earth… equal to, equally responsible as are all creatures of life.

Humbly in service,

Terry P. Anderson

A developer of the living philosophy of potential

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