Wholeness, Oneness, All-Inclusive Love; Creating a Hopeful Future for the Children #21

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Wholeness, Oneness, All-Inclusive Love…

Worshiping in Spirit and Truth

+  Wholeness is about forming soul… the soul of community/humanity, self.  At this time community/humanity is the smallest whole.  Community/humanity soul is not a collection of individual souls; but rather individual soul is systemically related to the wholeness present within the soul of community/humanity.  Moving towards wholeness is our taking up soul forming work. The forming of soul comes about through our embracing the whole of the truth of the Source, the essence of the teaching of Christ, the whole of the truth of ourselves… the unfolding intentionality present within that, our living and working in intentional ways.  Ultimately soul goes onto the higher, invisible, unconditioned world; taking up its intended, process nourishing work.

+   Oneness is about spirit, the manifesting of spirit through our joining in the eternalizing work of the Great Spirit – the Father/the Creator.  Through the manifesting of our essence virtue, the taking up of our called work… the essence virtue, called work of self, community, humanity…  our living in nourishing harmony with the essence virtue of the life energy field we live in, in harmonious congruence with the intended ways of working of life on this earth – the essence of which is systemic wholeness.  Our developing and sustaining our intentional instrumentality.

+  The reconciling force, that which makes all this possible, is all-inclusive love entering.  All-inclusive love enters through our taking up – with heart and mind – the working for all children, all my children in the world… the creating of a hopeful future for all children, the creating of a work for all children culture… all children in the world.  It is the allness, the working for all my children in the world – having that intentionally present within heart and mind – that opens us to all-inclusive love entering…  that makes our being and becoming vessels for all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world possible.

It is through the systemic working of wholeness, oneness and all-inclusive love entering that we are able to  be present to and within the process of loving God with the whole of our heart, mind and soul.

Humbly in service,

Terry P. Anderson

A developer of the living philosophy of potential

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