Community Dialogue

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Community dialogue is truly working when wholeness is being imaged, is being generated, and is being experienced – when wholeness is alive and present in the process. The process itself begins to take on the character and role of being a guardian of wholeness. Reflective vigilance works to ensure the living presence of the community aim, a particular aim that has come into being through reflection, dialogue and contemplation… an aim that has a real sense of rightness and goodness about it… an aim that reflects and projects the essence of the community and what it is trying to be and become… an aim that is harmoniously guided by the virtue of the land upon and within which the community carries out its life processes.

The community aim, as its meaning deepens and as it becomes more integrated into the daily living and working of the people, becomes not only a source of spirit, but also a means for manifesting spirit – the spirit of the people… the spirit of the land. The character and expression of the community aim is a reflection of the commonly shared aim,

To advance humanness… to enrich life –

the life of the whole, and the whole of life on this earth,

a reality that enables the community to experience a common bond, common work, and a relatedness with other communities whose aims are similarly sourced.

Into this dialoguing process – a process seeking to see wholeness, to see right and good working within the whole, and to see spirit, energy and love at work – enters a subject of significance to the community. And so the community dialogue takes on a particular orientation relevant to the subject. Imaging community dialogue with the intent of bringing life to the subject of affordable housing, for example, we can begin to see some of the images that would naturally show up… images that through continued dialogue and reflection would continue to be developed and enhanced.

Very likely a more wholistic image of affordable housing would begin to form. Affordability would begin to include consideration of energies – material energies, the life energies of earth, as well as the energies of well being – the energies that flow among and between people… people who share a common humanity, who share a desire for the sense of belonging accessible within community… communities of particular nature and character – reflecting unique purposes, pursuits, and work… particular communities into which people – people from all walks of life – are drawn because for them it truly is a space where they have greater ableness to be… communities that have within, quiet spaces, sacred spaces, enlivening spaces, communing spaces, interactive spaces, etc. As the richness of life of true community begins to unfold, some previously held notions begin to fade or drop off. We notice “low income” is really neither a useful nor a valid starting point for wholeness – wholeness of the individual, wholeness of the community… a realization that becomes a source of creativity – creative approaches beyond the current, the common – for the financing of these affordable communities.

With wholeness of image present within community members, interactions with scientific community members can fruitfully go forward. Completeness of thought, knowledge and know how – the capacity to soundly generate required structures and structuring – can be applied to bring into existence that which intuition has wholistically conceived. Thus, as people with understanding of engineering, carpentry, masonry, design, architecture, etc., come together with various community members, homeowners, etc., the community aim and intent is neither discarded nor ignored, but rather becomes more real, more alive… and the working of reason- its gift, its role, its potential – is increasingly understood and appreciated by all.

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