Community Integration

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Community integration is about soul… soul building… the building of the soul of humanity… about joining in the work of building the soul of humanity. It is about the work, the work that is the source of a stirring, an awakening, that is being experienced by more and more people… people who intuitively know – an intuition increasingly factually supported – that the path we are on is not a path of potential, not a path leading to advancing humanness, to enriching life… people who in their heart of hearts are living in the question – a persistent questioning – “There must be a better way?” … there must be a way of hope, a way worthy of faith – of having faith and of placing faith in.

Community integration is working, is at work, when spirit is entering in through essence and virtue, and is being manifested through structures and structuring that have the character of intentionality… structures and structuring that are not merely manifestations of “what’s possible,” but rather those that reflect our intention, our shared intention, to advance humanness, to enrich life… structures and structuring that are along the path of evolution – the path of our becoming fully and truly human.

Community integration understands fully and truly that if love is not present in the process, it will not be present in the outcomes… and that it is through process that love, spirit and will enter into the working of the world, into the ways and working of life – human life, the whole of life. And the work of community integration recognizes that in a very real sort of way, evil is not so much about presence as it is about absence – absence of good… good which truly has one Source, the one and the same Source from which love emanates. It is through love that good enters into the world.

Reflecting on the “Cycle of Understanding Relative to Life on Earth” (Chapter 2), we notice the likelihood of many cycles, and of cycles within cycles. And too we realize that understanding generated at one point will naturally elevate and deepen the understanding at other points… an experience and manifestation that will enable our continued progression toward our aim. We can see that with shared intent and a common aim, the understanding and wholeness generated through reflection and dialogue within one gathering can readily be integrated into the forming and working of our community – the larger whole within which we live and work. This working pattern can readily expand beyond a particular community to provide the means for integration – soul building work – among communities, which in turn further develops the understanding and wholeness that can be integrated into the forming and working of the community of humanity… all of which is possible because our community’s aim is congruent with the aim, the work of the heart of our fellow communities, which in turn is harmonious with the work of the heart of humanity… our humanly shared aim,

To advance humanness… to enrich life –

the life of the whole, and the whole of life on this earth,

the intended aim for humanity.

And so, the eye of the heart can see that with diligence and deliberation, willful attention and intention, the path of our potential can be walked upon and unfolded before us… a path made visible by bringing voice to intuition, and courage to conscience… a path of faith, of faith in action… a path which lifts up for us a possibility – a real possibility – of our, the whole of humanity, becoming a unified compassionate family… an intended becoming.

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