Scientific Theories and Knowledge

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The advancement of scientific theories and knowledge has been instrumental in our ability to move up planes of existence. There is no doubt that science has been the primary instrument for the people in matters relating to existence… a reality perhaps not surprising since the primary domain of science is existence – in particular the physical, the material, the energy, and the how aspects of existence. We look to the ability of science to extend and exceed our human sensory perception to see what is at work in our universe, both above and below. We look to science to focus the “eye of reason” on subject matters of particular significance or consequence to ourselves and to life beyond ourselves. Through the eye of reason we hope and expect we will come to see and ferret out structures and structuring – how they work and come together – such that we can generate our own structures and structuring in intelligent and knowledgeable ways… ways that are both harmonious with our intent, and free of harm.

Given our historical pattern and the capability of science, it is quite natural that the people would call upon science to be a rightful and good instrument – right for humanity, good for the whole of life – relative to the critical subject of energy – securing energy. A call for science is in reality a call for the scientific community… a call for the particular community that is forming and needs to be formed around the subject matter of energy – securing energy.

This call by the people’s community is a call that has a particular character and nature – an emerging clarity of hopes, expectations and requirements. We the people call upon our scientific community to engage in this scientific endeavor in concert with and with full regard for the aim and ethical guidelines expressed… and also to complement the wholeness imaged with completeness of thought, a completeness that no doubt will require a multitude of perspectives, perspectives that would not serve to divide, but rather work to create unity, even in the presence of competing thoughts.

This people’s call upon the scientific community recognizes the reality of today… the expanding thirst for energy across the world, the unlikelihood of our willingly moving down planes of existence, and the necessity for wise restraint as we deal with this growing sense of urgency in regards to securing energy… a reality accompanied by an expectation that progress will likely follow a path of “what to do right now,” an understanding of ultimacy of energy source, and wise transitions that are both harmonious with and enabling of the ultimate source. This people’s call also reflects an understanding of the resolving power of aim-directed, organized, scientific understanding, and along with that, the power – the willful power – that lies within the awakening of the virtue of America and her people.

Reflecting on what has been written here, we begin to see that what is being called for is reciprocal maintenance between the being of the people and the work and working of the scientific community. The people’s aim of being more fully and truly human and becoming more able stewards of earth – life enrichers – looks to the science community to provide knowledge and intelligence such that how we manage our existence is harmonious with our aim… and the science community, as it engages in scientific endeavor, looks to the people for rightful support, real understanding, and guiding wisdom such that the possibilities it pursues enable us to continue to progress along the path of our potential… a reciprocal maintenance that calls for an interactive and understanding capacity between, within and among the people and the scientific community.

A note of hope – America’s people, given an authentic understanding, will willfully bring about that which is required.

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