Living Philosophy of Potential

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The whole universe, including this place we call earth, came into existence for a reason, for a purpose… and it is moving toward the fulfillment of that – toward the realization of its potential. This becoming, this unfolding, includes not only the physical/material perspective we commonly think of as evolution, but also the advancement of being, and the manifestation of will as well.

Earth is a means for life to enter into the working of and the unfolding of the universe. Purpose, wholeness, oneness and systemic relatedness are essential characteristics of life and living beings. We as living human beings share these characteristics common to all of life… and like all of life, we struggle to survive and strive to become – to realize our potential, to fulfill the intent of our creation.

As living human beings, we can consciously and conscientiously act in accord with an understanding of the work and working of the whole – we can acknowledge and honor not only the particular essential processes of humanity, but also the essential life processes of earth and those of the community of life – a community of which we are members. Through true intuition – the eye of the heart – we can gain access to the truth and wisdom a living philosophy of potential would require… the truth and wisdom in regard to wholeness, essence, systemic and intended working… this truth and wisdom being a living source for ethics, ethical guidelines and pathways.

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