Earth Working

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Earth works as a system – a living system. As such she operates under the same reality affecting all living systems: if you touch one element, you touch them all. Any action we take towards a particular element affects the health and the working of all the elements… and subsequently the health and well being of the whole of which the systems serve. Air, water, soil and sun are systemic elements of the living processes of earth. Actions that affect the intended and orderly working of any or all of these elements affect all of life, and the whole of life.

Earth organizes herself in planetary energy fields – life energy fields. If we reflect on the desert, the shore, the forest land, the mountains, the ocean, the prairie, etc., we can begin to bring some depth and substance to the image of the planetary life energy fields of earth. We notice the particular and the unique character of each – the ability for ourselves to tune into and to be tuned in a particular way by a particular life energy field. Further noticing provides an imagery of the nature and type of flora and fauna that both inhabit and contribute to the life energy field, a nature and type that we see flowing into our nature as images of people of the desert, people of the shore, people of the plains, etc., come to the fore.

To sustain the vitality, the viability and the unfolding of earthly life, earth engages in a multitude of processes… processes we commonly attribute to mother nature… processes that nourish, replenish, and regenerate the ongoingness of life. Some of these processes – softly falling rain, the warming feel of the sun, gentle cooling breezes – are invitingly pleasant to us. Some others, such as fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, are less pleasant, perhaps even frightening, but nevertheless inherent to the healthy working of the life processes of earth… and whereas our actions can greatly influence the severity and perhaps the frequency and duration of these regenerative processes of earth, it would seem unwise to work to interfere with their intentional and orderly workings.

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