Opening Our Hearts to Wisdom

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A Time for Grassroots Process…

There are times in the life cycles of America where we have to regenerate the spirit, essence and energy of our country and our country’s people so that the direction we take and the path we choose reflects who we truly are and what we are earnestly and honestly trying to become… not only to and for ourselves, but for the rest of the world as well. Such times call for grassroots process – the process by which we the people come together to reflect, to dialogue, to image and to imagine… to be and become clear as to what is truly at stake and as to what choices to make – wise choices, choices grounded in reality, choices that are right and good for each and all. Today is such a time – a grassroots time – for America… and beyond.

A Need for Understanding…

Today, as a country, we are actively engaged in the pursuit of securing energy. As we reflect on securing energy – as the image of that process begins to develop and unfold for us – we notice that the notion of securing energy not only encompasses the physical energies required for locomotion, heating and cooling, but also fully embraces the vitalizing and spirit-lifting energies present throughout earth… energies like those available from experiencing a walk on a beach at sunrise, the freshness of food, the silence and beauty of the wilderness, and a picturesque and vibrant harbor. This securing energy pursuit is calling upon the involvement – the grassroots involvement – of we the people… grassroots not in the sense that we need to resist or deny this necessity, but rather because we need to develop within and among us an understanding from which can emerge wise choices and right and good decisions. Given the scope and magnitude – the obvious and significant affect our actions will have on earth, the life processes of earth, and the whole of life, ourselves included – it behooves us and requires us to be diligent and deliberate in our approach.

A Call for True Intuition…

Securing energy is an issue that can be left neither solely to the “experts,” nor solely to the political process. It requires a wholistic and systemic understanding that itself calls upon the perspective of many. This critical issue of our time also demands the inclusion and use of intuition – true intuition, that which we call upon and bring to bear when we seek to see wholeness, essence, systemic relatedness, and intended working… the very elements present to wisdom.

A Need for a New Frame of Reference…

More and more often, among more and more of us, we find we are seriously questioning the path we are on. Intuitively, in our heart of hearts, we are beginning to see and understand the necessity for a new path – a path of increasing, rather than diminishing, hope. Such a path requires that we develop our thinking and actions from a frame of reference that enables us to see the world and ourselves in it, not from the perspective of segmented problems and issues, but rather from the perspective and the approach that embraces the whole of life, and the life of the whole. And so we have before us a real task of building for ourselves a frame of reference – an orderly thought base from which to live… a frame of reference we can call upon and reflect against as we make our way into a world different from the one we have commonly experienced. This new thought base seeks not to discard essential truths, but rather to make them real – truly relevant – in the dynamic and emerging world we are being called upon to shape and create. We sense that in the absence of a real, practical, working frame of reference – a frame of reference that ongoingly aids in seeing essential truths – we will lose our opportunity to be and become… and instead be caught up in, defined by, and swept away by unknowing conformance to past likes, dislikes, habits, fads, attachments, etc.

A frame of reference that is real and relevant to the dynamics and drama of the time in which we are living, and one that reflects our inherent urge or call to become, is a living philosophy. A living philosophy is one that we can live from and be disciplined about, that acknowledges the reality of our current situation, and that enables the realization of the open-ended potential of each and all… a philosophy that is personal, yet one that operates in service of the larger wholes within which we live – our communities, society, the whole of life. A living philosophy both comes from potential and has the potential to bring about a wholeness and unity of family, community and humanity previously unimaginable. A living philosophy is a philosophy of potential. As such, it is a people’s philosophy because it flows through and among the people through reflection and dialogue, guided by purpose and principles, acted on and carried out by heartfelt roles and expressions.

What follows here is written to provide food for reflection and dialogue – the nature of reflection and dialogue – the nature of reflection and dialogue that contributes to creating our community living philosophy of potential… a philosophy that encompasses one’s own life, as well as the whole of life on this earth.

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