Reflecting on the Question

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“Who will Speak for Earth?” is a book of reflections written in the language of intuition. As such it contains neither conclusions nor opinions commonly gained by analysis of facts and data, but rather images of truth that both seek and lend themselves to further deepening and increasing wholeness.

Who will speak for earth? Reflecting on this question, we notice… A person cannot; a community perhaps, through time and effort; a people for sure: a people of the land… a people of earth… a people who see and understand themselves to be part of the whole – the whole of life… a people who are clear that they are not separate from life – they are not outside of life and the working of life on earth – but rather integral members of earth’s life community.

We know from experience… To speak for another, if we seek to be authentic in our expression, is a very demanding task, a task that requires much reflection, a bit of what we often think of as “soul searching,” and without doubt, an opening of our heart to the experience, the wisdom, the character of the heart of the one for whom we wish to speak. For it is the heart open to wisdom and enriched with purpose that lies behind that which we experience as the essence of the person… the force behind that which is manifested… the expression of life – their way of living, of going about life, and their way of working, of going about their life’s work.

To speak for earth then, is to speak from the heart… It is not a process that begins with analysis, but rather one that begins with wholeness – with intuition, the eye of the heart. To speak for earth is speaking with awe for that which has been created, an awe visible to a mother’s eye, an eye that can see beauty in all… in all the manifestations of earth’s living systems – the trees, the flowers, the cactus, the mountains, the desert, the forests, the oceans, etc. To speak for earth is to speak with deep appreciation for the tireless and the forgiving nature of mother earth’s efforts to sustain the presence and working of life on earth… to speak for earth is to hear her crying out – crying out for a shift in our way of being and doing.

To speak for earth is not in dullness… To speak for earth is not in dullness, the dullness of the sameness of voice, nor is it in voices of anger, but rather in the joyous uniqueness of voices, uniquenesses expressed with increasing oneness… a oneness that transcends the divisiveness, the fractionation and the separation that are the antithesis of the systemicness of earth’s living system character. To speak for earth is to accept the truth present in the essence of the way Helen Anderson lived her life: with love, and only through love, all things are possible. Love must be in the process of our coming together to develop the capacity to speak for earth.

Reflecting further… We notice that the requirement – perhaps more accurately the urge or call – to speak for another often emerges during moments or times of significance, be they special moments of joy and goodness, or times when we are faced with an issue of significance… an issue like that of securing energy… an issue clearly facing ourselves, not only ourselves, but the whole of life as well… an issue that requires we develop wholeness… wholeness of understanding… wholeness of the truth of our being members of the community of life on earth… wholeness in our transcending our being human-centered to our embracing and becoming life-of-the-whole-centered, and thereby seeing and holding the perspective of our human potential unfolding and contributing to – doing our part in – the advancing of the life of the whole.

Completing our reflection… Reflecting on the way of bees – fellow creatures of life – we see that among some bees, among some hives, it is common to send out a number of their members in search of nectar (flowers, clover, etc.), nectar being essential to sustaining the bees’ life processes, their life itself. After discovering a “patch” of nectar, the bee returns to the hive, at which time other bees of the hive engage the returning member in a process often thought of as a dance… a dance involving the many… an intricate, an elaborate, an intentional pattern. It is through this dance that understanding and knowledge are generated – a mind is created – that not only exceeds the “brain power” of a single bee, but also exceeds the understanding and knowledge brought in by the returning bee.

It is in the spirit of the returning bee that this book is written. It is hoped that the reflections found within will have sufficient “nectar of truth” to be worthy of a dance… or two… or perhaps three… among the “hives” and “hive” of humanity. For as Helen Anderson understood that it is only through love that all things become possible, we in a similar way, have come to understand that the truth – the truth of wisdom – is as essential to our well being, our humanness and our becoming fully and truly human, as nectar is to the bees. It is through the truth of wisdom that we will begin to be able to see and accept our work and role in the world, on this planet earth, in much the same way bee understand pollination to be their work, their role… herein, we believe, lies much hope.

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