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Creating Ways of Living and Working that Work for All Children… all children in the world

…a grassroots process for those who are experiencing within, a questioning, a seeking for a more whole, more harmonious, more inclusive way of living and working… seeking a love entering, hate diminishing, wisdom led way.  A way of coming together as community, as a people of the one and the same Source, creating processes for realizing the potential inherently intentionally present within each and all… meeting the needs of existence, of daily life, in ways that lead to…

+ Our becoming authentically – fully and truly – human, and

+ Our nourishing the life processes of earth…

Creating cultures – ways of living and working – that work for all children in the world. 

Read more in About the Work – the Culture-Creating Work, a collection of writings emerging from the ongoing grassroots work in Foley, AL – an ongoing process of intentional dialoguing. We call ourselves “wisdom writers,” for we are working together to “write wisdom into our hearts and minds,” with the aim of creating cultures that work for all children, all children in the world. This being a collection of facets critical to beginning such dialoguing processes in one’s home community… a part of a more whole, more complete thought base accessible on this website.